Free VPN for Windows: Top Picks to Secure Your Privacy


Are you searching for a free VPN that works flawlessly on your Windows PC, including Windows 10? You’ve come to the right place! A reliable VPN can significantly enhance your internet security, privacy, and freedom at no cost. Faced with numerous free VPN options, it can be challenging to make a choice.

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the top free VPNs for Windows to help you choose the best option for safeguarding your online privacy.

Let’s dive into the list and discover the most trusted free VPNs available for Windows users.

Benefits of Using a Free VPN for Windows

Using a free VPN for Windows comes with several significant advantages:

Bypass Censorship: In countries with internet censorship, a free VPN for windows can be a valuable tool for accessing blocked websites and information. By connecting to a server in a country with unrestricted internet access, you can bypass censorship filters and freely access the website you need to.

Enhanced Privacy: With a VPN, your IP address is hidden, making it more difficult for websites and marketers to track your activities and target you with ads. This is particularly valuable for those who prioritize their privacy and wish to keep their browsing habits confidential.

Robust Security: Employing powerful encryption protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, or WireGuard, a VPN ensures that your internet traffic is secured. This is vital on public Wi-Fi networks, where your personal data, from login details to financial information, could be at risk.

Top 5 Free VPNs For Windows:

Here’s a closer look at the 5 best free VPN Windows, all of which uphold a strict no-log policy:

1. X-VPN – The Overall Best Free VPN for Windows


Excellent Speed and Unlimited Data: X-VPN offers impressive speeds on its free plan, making it ideal for everyday browsing and streaming. You won’t be dealing with any sort of buffering interruptions! Cherry on top, there’s no data cap on the free plan.

Huge Server Network: With 1000+ servers in its free tier, X-VPN offers ample options for potentially bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing content from various regions. You can also upgrade to the premium plan for an even more extensive network, which offers more than 8,000 server locations.

Robust Security & Privacy: X-VPN employs military-grade AES-256 encryption and X-VPN employs military-grade AES-256 encryption and adheres to DNS/IP and WebRTC leak protection without registration, ensuring your online activity remains a secret. This VPN Free Download for Windows 10, 11 and 8 is worth it.


Limited features in free tier: You don’t get access to some advanced features like static IPs and kill switches in the free plan.

2. ProtonVPN – The Fastest Download Speeds


Truly Free, Truly Secure: ProtonVPN stands out with its free plan offering unlimited data, no ads, and top-notch security features – a rare combination in the free VPN world.

Excellent Encryption: ProtonVPN utilizes a powerful combination of protocols (OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard) to shield your data with unbreakable encryption.

Bypass Censorship Restrictions: ProtonVPN’s Stealth Protocol allows you to bypass censorship restrictions in regions with limitations on internet freedom.

Impressive Download Speed: ProtonVPN offers the fastest download speeds among all free VPNs, exceeding 95Mbps.


Limited Server Locations: The free plan restricts access to a smaller pool of servers, potentially impacting connection speeds and geo-restricted content access.

3. TunnelBear – Best for usability


Effortless Interface: TunnelBear’s user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to use, even for VPN newbies. No technical knowledge required!

Unwavering Security: AES-256 bit encryption safeguards your data and online activity, keeping your privacy under wraps.

GhostBear to the Rescue: For users in regions with VPN restrictions, TunnelBear’s GhostBear technology disguises your VPN traffic, making it appear like regular internet activity.

Full-Featured Free Plan: Unlike some free VPNs, TunnelBear offers full functionality on its free tier, but with a data limit of 2GB per month.


Data Cap Might Bite: The 2GB data limit might be insufficient for heavy internet users.

4. – Located in a Privacy-friendly Jurisdiction


Robust Privacy: prioritizes user privacy with a zero-logs policy. Additionally, its jurisdiction is in Malaysia, which has no data retention laws.

Unlimited Data: Enjoy unlimited data on the free plan, perfect for browsing without worrying about data caps. However, it allows one connection only (in the free plan).

Security Essentials: provides essential security features like split tunneling on the free tier for added peace of mind.


Slow Speed: You get slower speeds in the free plan. Hence, don’t expect too much speed when torrenting or streaming.

Limited Server Locations and Features: The free plan offers 8 server locations only. Moreover, you don’t get the bolt technology, stealthguard and smartguard in the free plan.

5. Privado – Ideal for Streaming


Streaming and Torrenting Friendly: Enjoy specialized servers optimized for streaming and torrenting with P2P support on the free tier.

Swiss-Made Security: Hailing from Switzerland, a country known for strict privacy laws, PrivadoVPN prioritizes user privacy with a no-logs policy and strong encryption protocols.

Strong Privacy Practices: A strict no-logs policy ensures your online activity remains private, with no data tracking or storage.

Automatic Security Failsafe: The free plan includes a kill switch that automatically disconnects you from the internet if the VPN connection drops, preventing accidental exposure.

Advanced Features in the Free Plan: Privado offers SOCKS5 Proxy and Split Tunneling on the free plan, allowing for more control over your VPN traffic for specific needs.


Data Limit: The free plan offers 10GB of data per month, which might be limiting for heavy data users.

How to Choose the Best Free VPN As Per Your Needs

  • Compatibility with Windows: All VPNs on this list work with Windows 10 and newer versions. What’s more, the VPN is compatible across multiple devices and platforms, essential for users with various gadgets.
  • Server Locations: If you need an IP address from a specific country, check if the VPN provides servers there. Many free VPNs offer limited server locations. For more flexibility, opt for VPNs with a broad global network.
  • Robust Security: Windows devices often attract cyber threats, making robust security essential. The VPNs listed include AES 256-bit encryption and IP/DNS leak protection. Features like a kill switch and perfect forward secrecy are common, enhancing security further.
  • Privacy: A major concern with free VPNs is privacy. Some may compromise your data. I reviewed each VPN’s logging policy to confirm your personal data is not stored or shared. I also checked for independent audits or court validations of these policies.
  • Speed and Data Limits: Although free VPNs typically offer slower speeds and data caps, I found that X-VPN provides unlimited bandwidth and speed.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Access to customer support is crucial. The best option is 24/7 live chat, although not all free VPNs provide this service.

Setting Up and Using Your Free VPN on Windows

Once you’ve chosen a Free VPN for Windows, follow these general steps for installation and configuration:

  1. Download the VPN app: Visit the VPN provider’s website and download the Windows app.
  2. Install the app: Run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Launch the app: Open the VPN app and log in if required (some free plans don’t require signup).
  4. Choose a Server: Select a server location from the available options (depending on your chosen VPN).
  5. Connect: Click the “Connect” button to establish a VPN connection.


Choosing the right VPN can significantly improve your online security and privacy. As you consider your options from our curated list of free VPNs for Windows, remember that not all VPNs offer the same level of service. We highly recommend X-VPN for its standout features. It provides exceptional security, privacy enhancements, unlimited bandwidth, and requires no registration, making it an optimal choice for both new and experienced users.

Act now to protect your digital life. Download X-VPN today and take the first step towards a safer, unrestricted internet experience!

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