10 Most Successful Social Media Campaigns to Inspire You

If you are a startup business trying to expand into the market through social media platforms, you have landed at the right spot! 

Many big brands have used powerful social media campaigns to deliver strong messages on social media platforms and because of that users now recognize their brand more clearly. 

These campaigns have not only increased visibility and engagement but also enhanced the ability to recall the brand in the eyes of users. 

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Here, we have curated the list of the 10 most successful social media campaigns that can inspire you. These campaigns do not just work as a marketing tool; they also helped in building the business identity.

10 Most Successful Social Media Campaigns To Inspire You

An innovative social media marketing campaign effectively captures viewers’ interest. They can be funny, engaging, enjoyable, wise, and emotional. They spark the internet and unite everyone. 

Some of these kicking campaigns are below for you to look at:

  1. Spotify #Wrapped Campaign

About Campaign: Spotify’s #wrapped campaign is all about using data and creating memories by combining all of the user’s favorite song collections into one. 

This created a buzz in users and people started sharing collections on social media. The campaign also covered trendy artists and popular hits that took down the users’ memory lane. 

Impact: The campaign not only created the buzz but also brought old and new users to the website just to ensure they get their personalized memory from Spotify. 

Note: Personalization can be creative if done in the right way, your audience will always look forward to your business and wish what’s new this year for them.

  1. Dove #ShowUs campaign

About Campaign: Dove created the #showUs campaign with Getty Images, which invites people to discuss body positivity and acceptance on social media.

Impact: Not only did it create buzz on social media, but it also generated huge audience engagement. Women from 39 different nations shared their images on social media with their views.

Note: Using such out-of-the-box ideas can give small businesses a big boost, just like the Dove campaign did with #ShowUs.

  1.  Apple #ShareYourGift Campaign

About Campaign: Apple’s campaign shows how its brand and product support and encourage artists to share their gifts with the public.

Impact: Everyone loves to see a happy ending to their struggle story. Apple displays that emotion beautifully in its social media campaign. These soft story-based campaigns touch the audience’s hearts & create a bond.

Note: Emotional touch is the key to this campaign. Businesses can use this element to develop relationships with their clients.

  1. Starbucks #UnicornFrappuchino Campaign

About Campaign: The Starbucks campaign takes you to a fantasy world that appeals to everyone. Soon, their magical-looking coffee became trendy.

Impact: Starbucks leverages this trendy coffee by promoting its user content on social media. That excites users, and they become more interactive with their brand.

Note: Business needs to pique your audience’s interest so they will automatically come to your brand and promote it.

  1. Gillette #TheBestManCanBe Campaign

About Campaign: In reaction to the #metoo movement, Gillette launched an ad called #thebestamancanbe, which generated a lot of buzz.

Impact: This topic divides people into two sections on social media. Different opinions attract many people’s attention, engagement, and interest.

Note: Bringing people together through your thoughts can be challenging. However, if your business campaign can do it, try it!

  1. Nike’s Dream Crazier Campaign

About Campaign: Nike’s dream of a “Crazier” campaign starring Serena Williams is about inspiring people to achieve the impossible.

Impact: When powerful athletes like Serena Williams motivate their audience on your social media page. Chances of people stopping, hearing & sharing increase tremendously.

Note: Nike profited from using heroes (like Williams) as brand ambassadors so can you. 

  1. Twitter’s ‘If You Can Dream It, Tweet It’ campaign

About Campaign: The Twitter campaign encourages people to express their goals and desires and raise brand awareness.

Impact: Twitter’s emotionally charged campaign got people to act and engage on social media with their inner voice.

Note: When you encourage your audience to express themselves, develop the connection between users and the brand. Businesses can uplift engagement rates on their pages through this approach.

  1. KFC’s Hashtags Morning Campaign

About Campaign: Their campaign seeks to change people’s opinions about the restaurant’s breakfast selections.

Impact: KFC shares an unforgettable experience with its eccentric videos and contests on social media, which the audiences can relate to. Involving them is a fun way to bring your mass audience’s attention to your brand.

Note: When businesses attract their audiences in unique ways they leave a great impression. That makes them stand out among their competitors.

  1. Charmin’s Bears On Hashtags Campaign

About Campaign: Charmin Toilet paper company uses an adorable bears’ campaign that responds to popular hashtags and subjects to bring their brand to life.

Impact: These bears’ uniform visual consistency and brand colors on the social media platform help consumers recognize the brand even when they can’t see the name. Their interesting ways make the most uninteresting things popular on social media.

Note: Creativity and imagination are great tools for winning the social media popularity war. Any new or small business can use them to become popular among their audience.

  1.  The IHOP to IHOb campaign

About Campaign: The IHOP campaign stirred the market with its new logo just by adding “b” – “IHOb.”

Impact: This caused mystery among social media followers, by guessing what the letter might represent. Their clever action sparked ideas in consumers’ minds and increased sales.

Note: A mystery or doubt is enough for people to be interested in you. Start-ups or small businesses can start brainstorming sessions on that subject to lure their audiences.

Benefits Of Social Media Campaign

Campaigns on social media have become essential for businesses and people looking to grow their digital identity and engage with customers. Here are a few benefits for this:

  1. Increases Visibility Of The Brand

You could boost the visibility of your business with social media campaigns, reaching a wider audience and attracting new followers.

  1. Get Real-Time Feedback

It allows businesses to get audience input in real-time to enhance their goods and services.

  1. Improves Interaction And Engagement

It gives you and your audience the best chance to interact and develop a lasting rapport.


Now that you have studied these masterpieces of social campaigns, we are sure one or two ideas are popping into your mind to execute. These ideas are classic and mindful and can win any kind of target audience.

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