An average US citizen spends approximately $7,000 on replacing a driveway. Do you want to pay such high costs and let your driveway damage before its actual age?

Obviously no, right? You should pressure wash it to remove all the oil, mud and grease stains, tire marks, weed, dirt, etc. Continue reading to find out the ten tips that can make your driveway power washing easy.

3 Advantages of Cleaning Your Driveway

  1. First Impression:

A clean driveway attracts buyers and tenants and increases the value of your house.

  1. Save Yourself from Health Problems:

Dirt and Grime is not safe for the health of your family. Moreover, algae growth in your driveway and the oil spills can make it greasy resulting in accidents.

  1. It extends the Lifespan of Your Driveway:

Cleaning all the toxins and contaminants, removing all the week, etc. can increase the lifespan of your driveway.

Tips For Effective Driveway Pressure Washing

If you want to get effective pressure washing results then you should follow the below mentioned tips and tricks. Let’s discuss these mind blowing tips.

  1. Understanding the Cleaning Needs of Your Driveway

Every type of material has its own unique cleaning needs such as concrete. cobblestone, brick and asphalt cannot withstand pressures of equal levels. The first basic driveway power washing tip is that you should know the type of material of your driveway and what would be the best way to clean it.

  1. Arranging Water Supply:

The main element to wash your driveway is water. Without the adequate supply of water, your cleaning activity can become a mess.

You need to arrange a proper water supply and decide from where you are going to take water as power washing requires a lot of water. You need to ensure no water shortage happens in between to carry out an effective pressure washing.

  1. Arranging Equipment
  • Type of pressure washer:

There are two main types of power washers: electrical and gas. Electric power washers are easy to use as compared to gas ones. For large projects and to remove tough stains, you might need a gas one. Electric power washers have a low PSI (pounds per square inch) value as compared to gas ones.

It is best to opt for a gas power washer with a pressure range of 3100 PSI or higher for effective pressure washing.

  • Using appropriate nozzles:

To effectively clean your driveway, you should know which nozzle to use for what purpose and what area. The nozzles are available in different colors signifying the angle at which it sprays water:

Red-0°: It sprays water in a straight flow on the surface. By this, you can spray water with full pressure 

and can remove stains on a specific part by concentrating water at that area.

Yellow-15°: It is also used for focused cleaning tasks such as removing the dirt and grime, but has a wider

flow of water than red one.

Green-25°: You can use it to remove dirt, debris, etc. from the driveway and from any cracks.

Black: It is a low-pressure nozzle and used to spray cleaning agents on the surface.

You might be thinking that it would be so hectic to change nozzles again and again for different purposes 

and areas of your driveway. This is where comes the multifunctional nozzle that is a combined nozzle of

all of the above. Use it and save your time and effort.

  • Increase the length of your tube:

Your driveway might be long in size and it would be difficult for you to reach every corner. Another driveway power washing tip is to use an extension hose and save yourself from worrying about this.

  1. Safety Measures

Safety always comes first. You obviously don’t need to injure yourself from the sturdy flow of water that may cause the debris to spill on you.

Pressure washing can be dangerous and risky. On an average, more than six thousand people in the US were admitted to hospitals in 2017 because of pressure washing related accidents.

Make sure to wear eye glasses, proper clothes, non-slippery shoes, hand gloves and hearing aid. Moreover, you must keep your children and pets away while you are carrying out this cleaning activity.

If you are hiring a professional, ensure that they take proper safety measures.

  1. Save Your Plants & Interior:

Any cleaning agent that you may be using for power washing is harmful for the plants in your driveway. Therefore, it is best to cover them with plastic to avoid the cleaning agent falling on them.

It is also important to not let the debris or grime go inside your house while you are cleaning your driveway.

  1. Clear Away the Debris:

No need to use a power washer to clean the weed, leaves, etc. from your driveway. Better to use a broom to save your time.

  1. Apply Cleaning Solution to Remove Tough Stains:

If your driveway has oil, grease & rust stains that won’t just go away with normal water spray, then you should use a cleaning agent. Use your power washer to apply cleaning agents, let them rest for 10-30 minutes and then start rinsing them off with water.

Different stains and material surfaces need different cleaning agents. However, in all cases, it is always recommended to rely on detergents that are available in the market and are suggested by specialists according to your needs for effective pressure washing.

  1. Using Your Pressure Washer:

A top driveway power washing tip is that while using your pressure washer, you need to try it in a less visible area so that if there is any issue you can detect it instead of ruining the appearance of your driveway.

You should not constantly spray water at an area as it may damage the surface.

  1. Apply Cleaning Agents on Specific Spots:

You don’t need to use cleaning agents on your entire driveway. Just find out the parts of your driveway that have tough stains and apply the detergents on those spots. This will save your time and you can easily power wash your driveway in one go.

  1. Post Power Washing Tips:

Make sure to wash your plants with clean water after power washing your driveway. It is necessary to clean any detergents that may have fallen on them.

After your driveway is completely dry, to safeguard the cleaning that you have just done and to increase its lifespan you can apply sealants on your driveway.

When to Pressure Wash?

It is best to pressure wash your driveway at least twice a year, preferably in spring, summer and fall months for effective pressure washing results.

Why Hire a Professional?

You can pressure wash your driveway by following the above tips and taking proper safety measures. But there are safety risks associated as you are not an expert. You can save your time and effort by hiring a trustworthy and reliable soft washing company.

If you are looking for a professional power washing company with years of experience and expertise in handling driveway and other exterior power washing projects, you can reach out to TN Wash at (615) 549-7966 or you can get a free instant quote also.


A driveway is the entrance to your house and keeping it clean reflects your commitment to your house’s protection. Driveway cleaning requires a lot of effort but by following proper tips and tricks, you can effectively pressure wash it. You need to understand your cleaning needs, arrange a pressure washer according to it, make sure to use the proper nozzle and extension hose, take proper safety measures, use cleaning agents wherever necessary, use proper pressure washer settings, and make sure to keep it maintained for extending its lifespan. If you don’t have much time, TN Wash has always got your back. A professional company can save your time and effort while providing you quality results.

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