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Famous American photographer, writer, and voice artist Amanda Kate Lambert excels in all three. She was notable for her own talents and as the daughter of Nancy Sandra Sinatra, better known as Nancy Sinatra. Hugh Lambert, Amanda’s father, was also notable. Her sibling, AJ Lambert, shares her creative journey. Her grandparents, Frank Sinatra and Nancy Barbato, continue the tradition. Amanda’s great-grandparents are Anthony Martin Sinatra, Natalie Della Garaventa, Michaelangelo Barbato, and Jennie Fogacci. The artistic legacy extends to her uncle Frank Sinatra Jr. and aunt Tina. The vast artistic tapestry weaved by her distinguished family members throughout generations influences Amanda Kate Lambert’s multifaceted talents.

Amanda Kate Lambert Biography

Born March 17, 1976, Amanda Kate Lambert is a remarkable artist and photographer. Amanda’s life is shaped by her grandfather Frank Sinatra’s legacy. Her diversified and extraordinary talents stem from her early arts exposure and mixed ethnicity and American nationality. Amanda’s limited edition “SINATRA” book with Robin Morgan honors her grandfather and showcases her creativity.

Beyond her art, Amanda’s life combines familial values and artistic drive. Family warmth and creative fire blend in her marriage to Michael Erlinger and their delight of fatherhood. Amanda Kate Lambert, a daughter of Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert, embodies the Sinatra family’s rich ancestry and inventiveness.

Amanda Kate Lambert Profile Summery:

Full NameAmanda Catherine Lambert Erlinger
NicknameAmanda Lambert
Date of BirthMarch 17, 1976,
Amanda Lambert  Age47 years old
Zodiac SignPisces
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Amanda Lambert’s HusbandMichael Erlinger
Amanda Lambert’s Childrenyes
Amanda Lambert’s ParentsNancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert
Amanda Lambert’s SiblingAngela Jennifer Lambert
Favorite SportsFootball & Tennis.
Favorite City/CountryNew Jersey, United States
HobbiesModeling & Travelling
Famous forProfessional photographer, writer, and visual artist

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Early Life

Amanda Kate Lambert, born March 17, 1976, is a fiery, independent Pisces living 47 years. Pisces people are strong-willed, adventurous, and leaders. Amanda, an American of mixed ethnicity, had a wonderful childhood with her legendary grandfather, Frank Sinatra.

Amanda’s childhood was spent nurturing her love of the arts, though her education is private. She laid the groundwork for her future as an artist by studying art history and fine art, with a focus on painting and photography.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Parents

Amanda Lambert’s parents, Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert, were famous musicians and performers. Their 1970 marriage began a fruitful personal and professional partnership. The family suffered when Hugh Lambert, 55, died of cancer in Los Angeles on August 18, 1985.

Nancy Sinatra, born June 8, 1940, in Jersey City, New Jersey, began her brilliant singing and acting career in November 1957. She showed off her versatility on her father’s ABC-TV variety show. Nancy took extensive dramatic performance, voice, piano, and dance lessons before entering the entertainment industry. Her dedication and skill led to a remarkable career that changed entertainment.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Sibling

Amanda Kate Lambert is not the sole heir to her family’s creative legacy. In music, her sister AJ Lambert, born May 22, 1974, has added to the Lambert family’s artistic legacy. After playing bass in several bands, AJ Lambert has launched a successful solo career. Her albums, “Dirt Soda” and “Careful You,” showcase her soulful vocals and versatile musical style, proving that talent runs deep in the Lambert lineage.

The Lambert family’s creative heritage is continued by AJ Lambert’s music. She continues the Lambert family’s musical legacy with every note she sings, solidifying their influence on entertainment and art.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Age

Born March 17, 1976, Amanda Lambert is 47 years old and from Los Angeles.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight Kilograms62 Kg
Body Measurements34-24-37
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue

Amanda Kate Lambert’s beauty matches her vivacious personality. Her composure and self-confidence are evident at 5’6″. Amanda, who weighs 62 kg, has an attractive hourglass form with 34-24-37 dimensions and is sporty. Her brown hair frames her features and adds warmth, while her blue eyes are captivating. Amanda Kate Lambert’s height, weight, and proportions merge to create a captivating atmosphere.


Amanda Kate Lambert has excelled in several creative sectors throughout her career. Her remarkable photography, writing, and voice acting skills have earned her global fame and financial success, boosting her net worth. Amanda’s artistic talent and dedication to her profession have made her a respected figure in the business.

Amanda skillfully photographs captivating events with a unique perspective and artistic vision. Her attention to detail and ability to create strong emotions in her photos make her a sought-after professional.

Amanda’s captivating stories show her writing skills. Her writing can transport readers to other realms and engage them deeply, whether in articles, books, or screenplays.

Amanda’s exceptional voice-acting skills bring characters to life on screen and audio. Her vocal range and ability to communicate a multitude of emotions make her a great asset in the entertainment industry.

Amanda Kate Lambert has won many awards and distinctions during her career, gaining praise from peers and admirers. Her unique blend of talent, commitment, and entrepreneurship has helped her achieve financial success and established her as an artistic powerhouse.

Personal Life

Amanda’s transformation Kate Lambert met Michael Erlinger aged 19 and began her story. A chance meeting led to a lasting relationship.

Michael was a constant supporter of Amanda’s art. Michael went from being Amanda’s best friend to her lifelong love, supporting her as she balanced art and family.

Amanda and Michael’s love blossomed during motherhood. They joyfully raise their child, gracefully embracing family life’s many joys and tribulations. Their journey shows how personal and artistic fulfillment may coexist harmoniously and meaningfully.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, Amanda Kate Lambert’s grandfather, was a legendary figure in American music and film, influencing 20th-century entertainment with his seductive voice and compelling performances.

Amanda’s friendship with Frank Sinatra went beyond grandfather-granddaughter. Their bond was special. Amanda’s artistic journey was shaped by Frank Sinatra’s songs and paintings.

Amanda was influenced by Frank Sinatra beyond genetics. Beyond their shared family ancestry, he shaped her creativity. He taught Amanda painting and photography in his Palm Springs art studio, fosterind a deep love for the arts that would define her identity.

Art, Painting, and Photography

Amanda Kate Lambert loved painting since childhood. This early love prompted her to pursue art history and fine art, focusing on painting and photography.

Amanda’s visual artist and photographer journey has received national and worldwide praise. Her art showcases her natural knack for composition and rigorous attention to detail, combining beauty, depth, and emotion. Amanda has left a lasting effect on world art with her visual language.


PhotographyCaptured iconic images featured in renowned publications and art galleries
WritingPublished multiple best-selling books and received critical acclaim for her screenplays
Voice ActingProvided memorable voices for beloved characters in animated films and TV shows

Amanda Kate Lambert’s creative journey shows young artists the many paths to success and fulfillment. Her artistic and financial success proves that talent, hard work, and dedication can lead to success. Lambert shows how passion and determination can lead to success in the creative industries.

Favorite Things

Favorite CountryUnited States.
Favorite SportsFootball And Tennis

Amanda Lambert’s Net Worth

Amanda is a dedicated photographer and artist who keeps her salary and net worth private. It is said that she and her sister inherited $1 million from Frank Sinatra, their grandfather. Sinatra established a trust fund for them in 1983 to support their creative and financial goals, resulting in this large inheritance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Amanda Kate Lambert:

Amanda Kate Lambert’s parents?

Hugh Lambert and Nancy Sinatra are Amanda Kate Lambert’s parents. Amanda’s father, Hugh Lambert, was an entertainer, as was Nancy Sinatra.

Current age of Amanda Kate Lambert?

Amanda Kate Lambert, 47, was born March 17, 1976.

Is Amanda Kate Lambert married?

Yes, Amanda Kate Lambert and Michael Erlinger are happily married.

Do Amanda Lambert and Michael Erlinger have kids?

Amanda Lambert and Michael Erlinger are proud parents who share the joys and responsibilities of parenting.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s sibling?

Angela Jennifer Lambert (AJ Lambert) is Amanda Kate Lambert’s sister. AJ Lambert is a successful solo artist.

What sports does Amanda Kate Lambert like?

Football and tennis are Amanda Lambert’s favorites.

Which country is Amanda Kate Lambert’s favorite?

Amanda Lambert loves the US, her favorite nation.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s hobbies?

Amanda Lambert prefers modeling and traveling. 


In conclusion, Amanda Kate Lambert is a prominent artist and photographer who excels in several mediums. Born into the Sinatra family, her life is intertwined with her grandfather Frank Sinatra’s heritage. Amanda’s photography, writing, and voice work all garnered praise, and her personal life combines family values and artistic passion. Amanda’s identity as a visual artist was shaped by her grandfather’s influence and artistic skills. Her story inspires young artists to pursue their hobbies and achieve success.

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