Best Genshin Impact Thoma Guide

Yep! You’ve read the title correctly: This is the guide for our favorite Inazuma Housekeeper – Thoma. Thoma Genshin Impact is a fairly underrated character, but he can shine in some niche teams – and he goes really well with our new Pyro Queen – Arlecchino. Well, that is as long as you don’t have Zhongli. If you have the Geo Archon, then get out of here and build him instead as he’s better in every way than most other characters in the game. That said, if you get C6 Thoma by using Genshin Impact Top Up services or through sheer luck, then get ready for one of the better offensive shielders in the game!

Thoma Genshin Impact Talents                          

Genshin Impact Thoma is all about giving his allies a shield. His shield absorbs Pyro damage at a 250% increased rate, meaning it’s going to take that much more damage until the shield breaks, and he constantly re-applies it through the use of his ultimate. He is best with “Normal Attack” characters as that’s how he procs the shield application, but because we haven’t had that many characters that use their Normal Attacks in their rotation, he hasn’t gotten a chance to shine – but now with Arlecchino, Cyno, and even characters like Heizou – Thoma Genshin Impact has shown off his true colors of being a very decent shielder while also providing some pyro application.

Blazing Blessing

Blazing Blessing is Thoma’s Skill and one of the reasons you would want to play him. He vaults on his spear and does some pyro damage to opponents in melee range, then applies a shield that lasts for 8 seconds to the active character.

The shield absorbs 13% MAX HP + 1500 Base HP. However, with his ultimate, Crimson Ooyoroi, the shield can go up to 35% MAX HP + 4000 Base HP. Depending on how you build him, this can be a pretty significant protection.

Crimson Ooyoroi

This is where things get interesting. With Crimson Ooyoroi, or rather “Scortching Ooyoroi” while it is in effect, characters normal attacks will produce flames that will deal small amounts of Pyro damage while also reapplying the Blazing Blessing shield at a reduced effect.

This makes him kind of similar to Xingqiu, but Pyro and a lot less damage. However, what he lacks in damage he makes up for in shielding and utility.

C6 Thoma Genshin Impact

Now, if you REALLY want to get the most out of Thoma for your basic-attack-based team, you’re going to want to get him at Constellation 6 as he increases the Normal attack damage of your active character by 15% while Crimson Ooyoroi is in effect. This scales multiplicatively with all other sources of damage, meaning that it’s a 15% increase ontop of all other effects, making it incredibly valuable.

Weapons and Artifacts

Genshin Impact Thoma isn’t a needy guy. Slap a Lance of Favonius on him and a 2pc Tenacity of the Milileth with a 2pc Emblem of Severed Fate, get some Energy Regen and Max HP, and you’re good to go.


Thoma Genshin Impact suffers from “Very underrated because niche” syndrome that many other characters in Genshin Impact suffer from. However, he can be a pretty great shielder and he protects one of the Top Genshin Impact characters female – Ayaka as the housekeeper of the Kamisato Clan in Inazuma.

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