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Andrew Santino, a famous American actor, comedian, podcaster, and TV personality, started relationships without marriage in mind. Santino, who starred in “Dave,” had over fifteen relationships. He was born on October 16, 1986, in Illinois, and has a large fan base, fueling curiosity about his age, height, weight, and less-publicized family life, including his wife and children.

Andrew’s view of personal relationships changed when he met the right person. Despite his less-known wife, Danielle, keeping a low profile and showing little off-stage, fans are interested in their relationship. While Andrew Santino remains private about his personal life, his fans are curious about his relationships and family.

Who is Danielle Brooks Andrew Santino’s Wife?

Danielle Brooks, a famous actress and singer born in Georgia on September 17, 1989, married Andrew Santino. Danielle became famous for playing “Leota Adebayo” in “Peacemaker,” and launched her career in 2011. Andrew and Danielle, who recently had their daughter Freya Carel Jeline, met at a party hosted by Danielle and her friend Paraniel. As they worked together, their relationship grew, like Andrew’s parents’. Their unified story was enhanced by their personal-professional integration.

Andrew Santino Biography:

Santino’s comedy career took off when he discovered his natural talent. Santino’s urban comedy style incorporates witty sarcasm and observant humor, influenced by his upbringing. Santino performed at national comedy clubs, working hard to improve his comedy. His clever banter and easy humor captivated spectators. Santino is a talented writer and actor who has been on several TV shows. He tells entertaining stories, according to critics and comedians. Andrew Santino’s amazing successes and passionate fanbase maintain his status as a leading comedic character of his generation.

Andrew Santino’s Quick Profile Summary:

Full NameAndrew James Santino
Nick NamesThe Red Rockit, Slugger Santino
Date Of BirthOctober 16, 1986
Age38 Years Old
Birth SignLibra
Place Of BirthIllinois, United State
EthnicityHalf- Italian And Half- Irish
Height6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight78 Kilogram
Hair ColourGinger
Eye ColourLight Brown
Sexual orientationStraight
Martial StatusMarried
ProfessionActor, Podcaster
Social MediaInstagram

The Early Years Danielle Brooks, Andrew Santino’s wife

Andrew Santino’s wife, from Greenville, South Carolina, is unknown online. Growing up with a pastor mother and a deacon father, they are deeply Christian. A church nativity play was Andrew Santino’s first acting role at six.

After graduating in 2011, she began performing. She voiced Monica the Crossing Guard and Olive Blue in “The Angry Birds Movie” and starred in “Girls.” She was important in 2016’s “I Dream Too Much”. Writing “Sadie.” in 2017, she entered literature. After her Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in “The Colour Purple” (2015), her wealth increased.

Educational Journey 

Danielle Brooks blended performing and studies while starting school. After her early education, she studied Fine Arts at Arizona State. While her university experience is unknown, it is clear that it helped her develop her skills and artistic talents.

Danielle Brooks was born in Augusta, Georgia, on September 17, 1989, to Tunnel and LaRita Brooks. Her father was a deacon, while her mother taught elementary school and was Bethlehem Baptist Church’s student development assistant director. Donnie Brooks is Danielle’s younger brother. Danielle’s family has always supported her in the entertainment world, pushing her to follow her aspirations

Andrew Santino Career:

Andrew Santino’s comedy career shows his continuous dedication to making people laugh. After starting his career on Chicago’s busy streets, he moved to Los Angeles to become a comedian. Santino’s keen wit and realistic delivery won over the Chicago club’s audience members while he practiced stand-up. Fans loved his urban-influenced comic style, making him a captivating and relatable voice.

Punk’d on MTV and helped Santino’s comedic timing reach a wider audience. This allowed him to star in Hollywood films and TV shows. His comedy and dramatic efforts were lauded. Santino’s stand-up specials have cemented his comedic dominance. 

When Did Andrew Santino Meet His Wife?

Andrew Santino has kept his wife’s identity and their first meeting private to protect his privacy. The comic conceals their relationship and engagement length to avoid public scrutiny.

Santino has revealed intriguing details about their relationship despite its obscurity. Initially, he and his husband had no plans to settle down because they were focused on their careers. Despite displeasure with the therapist, the couple chose collaborative treatment to work through their relationship issues. Interestingly, their mutual displeasure may have strengthened their friendship.

Santino discovered his wife’s humor in therapy, cementing his belief in her as a long-term companion. The unexpected laughter, including a trash truck outside the window, strengthened their relationship. Santino and his partner found satisfaction in each other, adding to their unique and expanding connection despite their therapist’s amusement. 

Daughter/ Kids Of Andre Santino‘s Wife

Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks’ beautiful daughter Freya was born on November 16, 2019, bringing them much delight. The couple proudly named their daughter Freya, meaning “noblewoman,” to show their love.

Freya, now two, continues to delight her parents and provide them with joy. The family joyfully celebrated Freya’s first birthday, a milestone in their journey. Andrew and Danielle enjoy simple family times and their great bond with their kid.

Andrew Santino Comedy Success:

Andrew Santino’s 2017 Showtime special “Home Field Advantage,” launched his stand-up comedy career. This started his successful podcasting career, which was more than just a platform for views.

Santino and his co-host sold T-shirts and smartphone covers to supplement their podcasting income. Santino also started his episodes with brand endorsements and promotional efforts. Andrew Santino’s work with podcasters like Rick Glassman show his ability to use collaborations and features. This diverse approach has helped Santino succeed in comedy and podcasting.

Top 10 Andrew Movies and TV Shows

  • Dave
  • Beef
  • Me Time
  • House party
  • I’m dying up here
  • Sin City Saints
  • royal Crackers
  • Game over Man!
  • Mixology
  • punk’d

Danielle Brooks Net Worth:

Net Worth$1 Million
Net Worth in 2022$0.8 Million
Net Worth in 2021$0.6 Million
Net Worth in 2020$0.4 Million
Salary$0.2 Million Per Year
Source Of incomeActor
HouseGreenville, South Carolina
CarsUnder Review

Danielle Brooks, a dynamic actress known for her performances on cinema and stage, has come from humble origins to $1 million in net worth. Danielle, from Greenville, South Carolina, entered acting with passion and confidence.

Her career took off with a Tony Award-nominated performance in ‘The Colour Purple’ on Broadway. Danielle then appeared in many films and TV shows, including ‘Girls’ and ‘The Angry Birds Movie.’ With each job, she improved her skills and income.

Her $1 million net worth is the consequence of her hard work and talent, making her a million-dollar celebrity in the entertainment industry. As she keeps captivating audiences with her fascinating performances, her popularity will rise even higher. 

Andrew Santino Social Media Accounts:

Andrew Santino Instagram

Andrew Santino Wikipedia

Andrew Santino YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks:

Who married Andrew Santino?

Danielle Brooks, a famous actress and singer from Georgia, is Andrew Santino’s wife.

When did Andrew Santino marry Danielle Brooks?

Since they value privacy, Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks’ wedding date is unknown.

Andrew Santino met Danielle Brooks how?

Danielle Brooks and her friend Paraniel organised a party where Andrew Santino met her. As they worked together, their relationship grew, like Andrew’s parents’.

The name and meaning of Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks’ daughter?

Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks’ daughter is Freya Carel Jeline, meaning “noble woman.”

Danielle Brooks’ wealth?

Danielle Brooks has a $1 million net worth from her acting and theatrical career.

Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks’ daughter Freya was born when?

Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks have Freya on November 16, 2019.

Andrew Santino’s height and weight?

Andrew Santino weighs 78 kg and is 6’1″.

What TV series and films star Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino has appeared in “Dave,” “I’m Dying Up Here,” “Sin City Saints,” and “Punk’d.”

How did Andrew Santino’s comedy career begin?

Andrew Santino began his comedic career on Chicago’s streets and in bars before moving to Los Angeles for more opportunities.

What is Andrew Santino’s podcasting specialty?

Since “Home Field Advantage,” Andrew Santino’s podcast has garnered views and cash via merchandise sales and creative advertising placements. 


Andrew Santino’s rise from Chicago street comic to critically recognized actor and podcaster is a testament to his effort, adaptability, and unique comedic style. His personal life with his wife Danielle Brooks and daughter Freya adds delight and mystery to his story. Santino and Brooks share humor and experiences while navigating celebrity. With her acting and writing credits, Danielle Brooks enhances this power duo. As Santino continues to make audiences laugh and Brooks captivates with her riveting performances, their personal and professional success will only grow. This outstanding pair in the entertainment world is even more intriguing due to their mysterious lives.

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