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The story of Diane Lou Oswald goes beyond stardom and shows resilience and faith in the face of hardship. She is known worldwide as the mother of famous actors, but her journey is much more. Diane survived her former husband’s contract killing, which brought her into the public eye for all the wrong reasons, before their climb to celebrity.

Despite these obstacles, Diane remained a dedicated secretary and Presbyterian. Her faith guided her through the hardest moments and shaped the raising of her three kids, including Woody Harrelson, a Hollywood actor and playwright. Diane taught her children morals and ideals that would last beyond Hollywood’s glitter. Her narrative shows how faith, resilience, and maternal love can overcome adversity.

Who is Diane Lou Oswald?

Celebrity Diane Lou Oswald was born about 1940, but her exact birthday is unknown. Her 1959 marriage to Charles Voyde Harrelson produced three sons: Brett, Jordan, and Woodrow Tracy Harrelson, better known as Woody Harrelson. Their 1964 divorce ended their marriage.

Despite their brief connection, Diane’s sons inherited her perseverance and creativity, each pursuing their own entertainment careers. The success of Woody Harrelson earned Diane fame, but she is equally proud of her other two sons, who also became actors, preserving the family’s tradition.

Diane enjoys being a grandmother to Zoe Giordano Harrelson, Makani Ravello Harrelson, and Deni Montana Harrelson and seeing her family’s global effect. Diane’s unfailing support and affection have helped her family succeed in the entertainment world.

Diane Lou Oswald Biography

Diane Lou Oswald is well known as Woody Harrelson’s mother. Her age, family, and connections, especially her relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald, are revealed when she is investigated. One may also examine her relationships with her children, especially Woody Harrelson, and her family dynamics.

Diane’s net worth and relationships with Matthew and Levi McConaughey may be revealed by studying her biography. Understanding Diane’s story may illuminate her struggles and successes as a mother and individual managing celebrity and family.

Quick Information About Diane Lou Oswald:

Full nameDiane Lou Oswald
Date of birth1937
Diane Lou Oswald’s Age87 years old
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital Statusdivorced
Diane Lou Oswald’s ex-HusbandCharles Harrelson
Diane Lou Oswald’s ChildrenJordan, Woody, and Brett Harrelson
Diane Lou Oswald’s ParentsKenneth and Mary Lou Oswald
Diane Lou Oswald’s Height in Inches5 feet 2 inches
Diane Lou Oswald’s Height in Centimeters156
Diane Lou Oswald’s Weight60 kg
Diane Lou Oswald’s Net worth$500K
Famous forWoody Harrelson’s mom

Diane Lou Oswald Childhood

In Lebanon, Warren, Ohio, Diane Lou Oswald was born. She was born to Kenneth and Mary Lou Oswald, characters in life’s mysterious tapestry. Diane’s father, Kenneth Earl Oswald, was born in 1912 and died in 1957, leaving a mysterious legacy. Her mother, Mary Lou Oswald, was born on March 16, 1915, and died on May 22, 2000, leaving a vacuum in family. The Oswald dynasty lasted thanks to Kenneth, the son of Dutch and Izora Oswald, who handled life’s changes with elegance and steadfastness.


Kenneth and Mary Lou Oswald raised Diane Lou Oswald in Lebanon, Warren, Ohio, a peaceful town. Diane’s childhood was pleasant and stable, laying the groundwork for her incredible adventure. Born in 1937, her story transcends motherhood and shows endurance and tenacity in life’s many obstacles.


Diane Lou Oswald is 5 feet 6 inches tall, or 1.67 meters in metric standards. She radiates elegance and composure, expressing her power and dignity.

Education Diane Lou Oswald’s: 

Diane Lou Oswald attended a public high school, but her college education is unknown. Her academic career continued after high school, suggesting a commitment to further education. Her high school graduation is a major milestone in her education, yet her college or university courses are unknown.

Diane Lou Oswald Family 

Kenneth Earl Oswald, Diane Lou’s father, was born in 1912 and died in 1957. Mary Lou Oswald, his wife, was born March 16, 1915, and died May 22, 2000. Dutch and Izora Oswald, Diane’s paternal grandparents, raised Kenneth.

Diane’s marriage involved Charles Harrelson, a notorious gangster who was convicted of assassinating federal judge John H. Wood Jr.

Charles sold Californian encyclopedias in addition to gambling professionally. After being convicted of armed robbery in 1960, he confessed to several early 1960s homicides.

Charles tried an escape from the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary with two other inmates on July 4, 1995, using a handmade rope. His freedom bid failed.

Charles and Diane married in 1959 but divorced in 1964. Charles, 68, died of a heart attack in his cell on March 15, 2007.

Their children are Woody, Brett, and Jordan Harrelson, while their grandchildren Zoe Giordano, Deni Montana, and Makani Ravello bring youth and promise to the family.

Brother and Sister: 

Diane Lou Oswald’s sister and brother’s identities are unknown. Despite the absence of data regarding her siblings, Diane’s family connections surely shape her life and family relationships.


Diane Lou Oswald’s secretary employment exemplified her hard work and dedication to her family. She faced the hardships of being a single mother with elegance and dedication, prioritizing her children’s well-being.

Diane was a hardworking secretary who provided financial security along with rigorous attention to detail. She expertly balanced her work and parental duties.

Diane may not have been well-known professionally, but her impact on her family’s stability and happiness speaks volumes about her character. Her organizing and multitasking talents made her indispensable at work.

Woody Harrelson, her son, acknowledges her influence on his work ethic and morality. Diane’s unwavering dedication to her family helped her son succeed.

Despite her modest career path, Diane’s perseverance and determination are evident. Her lifelong influence on her children, especially Woody Harrelson, shows her grit and fortitude.

Recognition for Exceptional Performance1963
Employee of the Year1965
Longevity Award for 20 Years of Service1982

Personal life : 

Diane Lou Oswald’s life shows the strength of love and dedication, especially as a mother to her three children, including Woody Harrelson. She lovingly raised her children, establishing ideals that would define their lives and occupations.

Woody Harrelson especially appreciates his mother’s love and support throughout his life. Diane shaped his character and work ethic, contributing to his success. Woody credits Diane’s generosity, perseverance, and determination for guiding him to success.

For decades, Diane’s love and strength inspire and guide her family. Her persistent dedication to her children shows how much a mother’s love can change her children’s life.

She has Three Grand Children

Dutch and Izora Oswald were Diane Lou’s grandparents. Her parents, Kenneth and Mary Lou Oswald, raised her lovingly.

Diane and Charles Harrelson recounted the joys and struggles of family life. They had three children: Brett, Woody, and Jordan Harrelson. Diane and Charles did everything they could to love, guide, and support their children.

Diane is proud of her role as a grandmother to Deni, Zoe, and Makani Harrelson. Her family draws strength and inspiration from her history as a caring matriarch.

Who was the Sons?

Diane Lou Oswald and Charles Harrelson’s connection shaped Woody’s childhood. Woody took comfort in his mother’s love and support despite his father’s illicit actions.

Diane provided Woody with stability and compassion throughout their struggles. Her strength and dedication to her children helped him overcome challenges. Diane taught Woody compassion and resilience, influencing his character and attitude.

Woody has often remarked about his mother’s enormous impact on him. He credits her unconditional affection and guidance for his personal growth and overcoming obstacles. Diane’s continuous support helped Woody overcome challenges and pursue his aspirations, resulting to his acting career.

Diane was committed to her children’s well-being throughout her turbulent marriage to Charles Harrelson. Her strength and determination inspired Woody and his siblings. Diane loved her children unconditionally even after their five-year marriage ended.

Diane’s influence and maternal affection helped Woody succeed. Her willingness to overcome difficulties and prioritize her children’s needs shaped Woody into a resilient and accomplished person.

She Raised Her Children Alone

Diane painfully ended her five-year marriage to Charles Harrelson in 1964. This left her raising Woody Harrelson and his two siblings alone. Charles’ 1968 disappearance from Houston further upended the family.

Charles spent years apart from his children until 1981, when he was arrested and convicted of murdering Judge Wood. Despite his horrific actions and repeated convictions, Diane never resented Charles or taught her children to hate him.

Despite his confused emotions, Woody Harrelson visits his father in federal penitentiary often. Diane was open-minded and empathetic, allowing her children to create their own opinions and stay in touch with Charles despite the hardships and complexities of their relationship.

Legacy and Inspiration

Diane Lou Oswald’s life goes beyond Hollywood. Her narrative is one of perseverance, love, and devotion to her children, especially Woody Harrelson. Diane overcame many hardships as a single mother, always putting her children first.

Diane supported her family through hardships. Her dedication to her children inspires single mothers everywhere, showing the strength of perseverance.

Diane’s tale transcends Hollywood and resonates with people from all backgrounds who have struggled. Her story shows that love and drive can overcome any challenge, and that faith can help us overcome anything.

Net worth Diane Lou Oswald’s : 

Working as a secretary and parenting her three children alone, Diane Lou Oswald is strong and resilient. Diane’s perseverance gave her children everything despite many obstacles. She supported them and taught them resilience and determination via her hard work ethic.

Her children have become wealthy, with Woody Harrelson in particular. Woody is a loving son who thanks his mother for her sacrifices and family devotion.

Diane’s $1 million net worth shows her tenacity and parenting success. Her story inspires us to overcome life’s challenges with love, commitment, and hard work.

Social Media Presences

Woody Harrelson has fully embraced social media, giving fans a glimpse into his life and interests. His sincere conversations have built a loyal online following, reinforcing his legendary stature in the entertainment world.

The current projects of Woody Harrelson must be considered when judging his career. From his part as Cletus Kasady in “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” to his next role in “The Man from Toronto,” Harrelson’s captivating performances prove his range and ongoing appeal.

FAQs About Diane Lou Oswald:

Diane Lou Oswald—who?

Famous actors like Woody Harrelson are the children of Diane Lou Oswald. Her life was marked by resilience and familial devotion.

When was Diane Lou Oswald born?

Born about 1937, Diane Lou Oswald’s birthdate is unknown.

Diane Lou Oswald’s wealth?

The estimated $1 million net worth of Diane Lou Oswald shows her financial security and the lasting impact of her parenting.

Who are Diane Lou Oswald’s kids?

All of Diane Lou Oswald’s children—Woody, Brett, and Jordan—have become prominent actors.

Career background of Diane Lou Oswald?

Diane Lou Oswald worked hard as a secretary, showing her dedication to her family.


The story of Diane Lou Oswald shows endurance, courage, and the power of love and determination. Diane remained a loving mother and provider despite many obstacles, including her ex-husband’s illegal activity. Her influence on her children, especially Woody Harrelson, is evident in their jobs and morals. Diane’s story inspires single mothers worldwide to persevere and build a bright future for themselves and their families.

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