Explore the world through taste: Top foodie destinations to keep in mind

Travelers have changed their preferences over the years, and now they are looking for more experiences that will engage each sense, including their taste, which is how the concept of culinary tourism has appeared. So, now people can explore the world through taste and discover a country with the help of gastronomy. Culinary tourism means traveling from one destination to another to see what the food landscape looks like in a certain location, and it can be done through activities like trying traditional dishes, visiting local markets, going to restaurants, and finding more information about the food in the region. 

Around the world, there are numerous locations where you can go and try the food options from there. Just imagine this: you are strolling around the food markets, trying delicious dishes and savoring fragrant spices. Doesn’t it sound like heaven? Culinary travel is the perfect idea for food lovers, as it allows people to discover new ingredients, indulge in unique flavors, and immerse themselves better in a new culture. Luckily, places worldwide are renowned for their delicious dishes, so we will mention a few of them in this article. 


You probably have heard of many people traveling to Italy to try some of the amazing staples of the country, and indeed, Italy will never disappoint. Italy has a great culinary heritage, making a lot of people from all over the world its fans. Here, you can try pasta dishes in Bologna, Neapolitan pizzas in Naples, creamy risottos in Lombardy, yummy gelato in Sicily, and delicious seafood cuisine in Florence. Italians really celebrate their love for food every day, so here you will surely feel like you are in a culinary heaven. You can also mix your love for travel with your passion for food in Italy, as these are the best activity ideas to try here. Pasta is the most obvious choice in Italy, as surveys have shown that 63% of Italians eat pasta daily. 

If you want to see exactly how the food is prepared in Italy, then you can opt for cooking classes, where you can discover all the secrets that make Italian food so delicious. Plus, the restaurants in Italy have everything you can imagine, including talented chefs and stunning white kitchens that look fabulous. 


France is also renowned for its great cuisine, being considered quite the epicenter of fine dining, where foodie lovers worldwide can be spoiled for choices. France has impressive traditional dishes that both the locals and travelers love. For example, Soupe à l’Oignon is a traditional dish with humble beginnings, as it was used at first for the poor because onions were cheap. However, this dish has become loved by all levels of society over the years, as it has an exquisite taste. This meal shows that not only expensive ingredients can offer a great taste, but this can also happen with modest ones. 

Coq au Vin, meaning “rooster in wine”, is how the French show their love for both poultry and wine, as this meal is made by slow-cooking the rooster and mixing it with a red wine sauce that can contain bacon, mushrooms and onions. Bouillabaisse is a dish that was the stew of fishermen at first, as it was made from the catch of the day, being enriched with native spices and herbs. Now, each meal of this kind differs from one restaurant to another, although all have something in common: a delicious Mediterranean taste mixed with Provençal tradition. 

Ratatouille is also a traditional French dish that you need to try here. It is a stewed vegetable dish that perfectly blends bell peppers, zucchini, onions, eggplants, and tomatoes, which are also infused with herbs, garlic, and olive oil. 


Japan is also renowned for its great food scene, which offers a feast for the senses. Japan is a country that pays great attention to details and precision, which is why you will feel like you are in a delicious heaven here. Sushi may be the most well-known Japanese dish, made with rice and fish seasoned with rice vinegar. You will find a great variety of sushi, including makizushi, inarizushi, and nigiri sushi. And even though sushi is considered quite a fancy dish, it has humble beginnings, as it was a street food initially. 

Tempura is also famous in Japan and tastes like heaven if you love crispy fried foods. It is a dish that contains slices of vegetables, fish, or meat covered in tempura and then fried until crunchy. Ramen is also a traditional dish from Japan, which has wheat noodles, a delicious broth that can be miso, soy sauce, salt, or tonkotsu pork bone, and a topping of protein, meat, or vegetables. Japan is a delicacy nowadays, and you will surely find it in plenty of restaurants. 


India is a country that has a myriad of dishes, so the food landscape is varied and diverse, and you can experience quite everything here, from street food to home-cooked food and fine dining experiences. Food in India has been influenced by past colonization and is based on religious practices and beliefs. There are a lot of traditional dishes to try in India, and each traveler will find something suitable to their tastes. For example, Naan is an Indian bread that can be baked or fried and has become popular worldwide. Samosas are one of India’s most famous street foods, which can be baked or fried and have delicious flavorings such as onions, potatoes, or peas. Tikka Masala is also a popular Indian dish, and even though it didn’t originate from India, Indians have helped it become popular in Great Britain, taking inspiration from butter chicken. 

Now, people can embark on a culinary expedition that opens the doors to a lot of cultures, flavors and experiences that will also engage all senses. So, are you ready to explore amazing dishes? 

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