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Salt Bae Net Worth
$60 Million

salt bae net worth

Nusret Gökçe net worth value of $60 million, also known as Salt Bae, became famous globally in 2017 after a video of him salting a steak went viral on social media. This renowned culinary demonstration gained public notice and propelled his culinary career. Salt Bae opened 19 restaurants in the Middle East, Greece, the US, and the UK using his newfound celebrity. Each of these restaurants offers a lavish dining experience with Salt Bae’s signature style and food. These restaurants are known for their high prices and high-quality steaks and wines. Salt Bae’s ability to make a simple dish a global hit has left an indelible influence on food.


Year  Net Worth
2023 $50 Million
2024 $60 Million

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Nusret Gökçe’s 2023 net worth at $50 million, a testament to his restaurant success and global fame as the “Salt Bae.” His net worth reached $60 million in 2024, indicating the success of his restaurants and his celebrity chef reputation. Gökçe’s ability to turn a basic culinary act into a viral sensation and expand his restaurant empire globally have contributed to his steady net worth rise. His global culinary and entrepreneurial success is shown by this financial trajectory.

Who is Salt Bae?

Who is Salt Bae?

Hailing from Turkey, Salt Bae, is recognized as a multifaceted chef, skilled butcher, and captivating food entertainer, has amassed a colossal following due to his culinary expertise and charismatic presence. At the epicenter of his success stands Nusr-Et Steakhouse, an establishment he not only owns but passionately oversees, situated in prominent locations such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Salt Bae’s ascent to global fame commenced with his strategic foray into social media, where his captivating posts, particularly featuring mesmerizing food videos showcasing his unique steak preparation and seasoning techniques, quickly became a sensation. His culinary prowess, coupled with a captivating online persona, catapulted him into the social media limelight, transforming him into an internationally recognized figure. In the digital age, the power of memes transcends geographical boundaries, and Salt Bae swiftly evolved into a prominent social media personality, captivating audiences worldwide with his distinctive flair and culinary artistry.

Salt Bae Biography

Nusret Gökçe, known as Salt Bae, was born in Erzurum, Turkey, on August 9, 1983. He began cooking in a little town in Rize. In 2010, Gökçe moved to the UAE to become a chef after starting his profession as a butcher in Istanbul. In that watershed year, he opened Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Istanbul and became famous for his precise meat preparation.

In January 2017, Gökçe’s career changed when a video of him seasoning steak went viral. The video of Gökçe’s salt-sprinkling motion went viral on social media and became a meme, bringing the chef unparalleled global renown. Gökçe has restaurants in Turkey, the UAE, and the US. His story shows how social media can propel cooks to international success and showcase their culinary talent.

Quick Information About Salt Bae

Celebrated Name Salt Bae
Age 37 Years
Nick Name Salt Bae
Birth Name Nusret Gokce
Birth Date 1983-08-09
Gender Male
Profession Butcher
Place Of Birth Erzurum
Birth Nation Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Famous For His technique for preparing and seasoning meat.
Father Faik Gokce
Mother Fatma
Siblings 3
Brothers Erman, Ozgur, Ugur
School Faik Sahenk Primary School
Sexual Orientation Straight
Body Type Athletic
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Hair Style Long
Source of Wealth Restaurant business (owner of the chain of steak restaurants, Nusr-Et
Net Worth $60 million

Early Life of Salt Bae
Early Life of Salt Bae

Salt Bae, born Nusret Gokce, on August 9, 1983, came from a low-middle-class household. Financial issues forced him to drop out of school and undergo hardships in his boyhood, as he publicly admitted on Instagram. At 2, Gokce traveled from Erzurum to Darica with his family, demonstrating his resilience and adaptability.

Salt Bae is rooted in his Kurdish roots. The culinary prodigy is joined by his three brothers, Ozgur, Erman, and Ugur Gokce, all Turkish chefs and restaurateurs. An additional sister completes the family tapestry. Salt Bae’s early years show his perseverance, family connections, and path to becoming a global culinary star.


Gökçe’s early love of cooking sparked a journey that would change the gastronomic landscape. His passion for food and cuisine grew when he started cooking in local restaurants in his area. Gökçe’s cooking skills demonstrate his hands-on approach, even if his official culinary background is unknown. He learned butchery, kitchen labor, and meticulously practiced his culinary skills. Gökçe’s culinary journey shows how practical experience and unflinching dedication can become a world-renowned chef.

Salt Bae Height, Weight, Age

Height 5 feet, 6 inches (167 cm or 1.67 meters)
Weight 70 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Age (as of 2023) 40 years old (Born in 1983)
Birthplace Pasali, Turkey
Zodiac Sign Leo

Salt Bae, or Nusret Gökçe, is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, or 1.67 meters. His dominating presence matches his culinary skill. His 70 kilogram build combines strength and agility. Salt Bae’s black hair and dark eyes highlight his looks.

Born in Pasali, Turkey, in 1983, Salt Bae gracefully carries his 40th year in 2023. His charismatic and active personality matches Leo astrology. Salt Bae’s physical appearance and culinary skills make him famous worldwide.

Parents & Siblings

 Salt Bea Parents & Siblings

Salt Bae’s father, Faik Gökçe, is a mineworker and lives with Fatma. Nusret is surrounded by a culinary tradition, with her three brothers, Özgür, Erman, and Ugur Gökçe, all successful Turkish chefs and restaurateurs. This familial culinary skills influenced Nusret’s cooking. This family has a sibling, adding to its love of food and family.

Father Faik Gökçe (Mineworker)
Mother Fatma Gökçe
Brothers Özgür Gökçe, Erman Gökçe, Ugur Gökce
Sister Not specified

Salt Bae Career

Salt Bae Career

Salt Bae’s culinary success is a testament to resilience and diversity. He apprenticed in Istanbul’s Kadikoy neighborhood to butchery after working odd jobs due to financial restrictions. Nusret started over by immersing himself in cooking, borrowing inspiration from his 2007–2010 work in Argentina and the US.

In 2010, Nusret opened his first restaurant, which has since grown into a chain of luxury steakhouses. Turkey, Greece, the US, the UK, the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are all covered by this vast network. His cooking skills captured the attention of social media users, and his films went viral within months. These films went viral, and Nusret became Salt Bae overnight.

In 2014, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences awarded Nusret-Et the Star Diamond Award for its culinary excellence and global impact. Salt Bae’s journey from a single restaurant to a global gourmet brand shows his culinary and entrepreneurial skills.

Personal Life 

Salt Bea Personal Life 

Salt Bae, also known as Nusret Gökçe, keeps his relationship and marital status a secret. The chef prefers to keep his dating and family life secret. Despite his guardedness, a photo of him with a woman and 12 children with the phrase “My Family.” surfaced online. Some of these links may be nephews, not immediate family.

Intriguingly, Salt Bae is said to have cooked for high-end restaurants worldwide for free. While “free” may be ambiguous in the context of PR, it emphasizes his passion for cooking. Beyond the kitchen, Salt Bae is known for his lavish lifestyle, including a helicopter and fancy cars. This expensive touch to his life generates a joke about these automobiles’ “salty” repair fees. It’s intriguing to compare Salt Bae’s private and public personas.


Selt Bea Restaurants

Nusret Gökçe, popularly known as Salt Bae, traveled the world from 2007 to 2010, immersing himself in different cuisines, particularly in Argentina and the US. He generously gave his time at several restaurants to improve his cooking and restaurant management talents.

In 2010, Nusret returned to Turkey from his worldwide travels and opened his first restaurant in Istanbul. His culinary empire expanded in 2014 when he opened a branch in Dubai, a city famed for its luxury and entertainment, including online casinos like
Despite widespread popularity, Nusr-Et meals have been criticized for being pricey. One critic, Steve Cuozzo of The New York Post, called his New York City restaurant “Public Rip-off No. 1”. The entertainment business gave Nusr-Et more positive reviews.

Salt Bae, no stranger to controversy, was criticized for his photo with Fidel Castro. In Istanbul, Venezuelan politician Nicolás Maduro was seen eating at Nusr-Et during the crisis, prompting condemnation for insensitivity.

Due to Salt Bae’s culinary brand’s popularity, ‘Nusr-Et’ is now in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Ankara, Bodrum, Istanbul, Marmaris, Jeddah, Mykonos, Miami, Florida, and New York. Salt Bae’s culinary influence is global despite periodic disputes and critiques.

  • Abu Dhabi & Dubai,
  • United Arab Emirates; Doha,
  • Qatar; Ankara,
  • Bodrum,
  • Istanbul and Marmaris,
  • Turkey; Jeddah,
  • Saudi Arabia; Mykonos,
  • Greece,
  • Miami,
  • Florida,
  • New York.

Salt Bae’s Overpriced Menu

Salt Bae (Nusret Gökçe) continued to create waves in the culinary world despite criticism of his lack of substance. Nusr-Et Steakhouse London, a new addition to his worldwide culinary empire, and Instagram boosted his influence. One unhappy diner shared a £1800 bill, joking that it could be cheaper to go to Salt Bae’s Turkish restaurant than to eat in London. The review also noted a £9 soda price and a £630 Tomahawk steak charge, seemingly hinting that the dish’s sharpness would cost guests.

Beyond costly food, Salt Bae’s riches appears to come from a showy, expensive, and spicy restaurant business. His unique culinary brand continues to attract customers worldwide, making Salt Bae a significant character in opulent dining experiences despite occasional criticism.

Critical Reception

Nusret Gökçe, known as Salt Bae, has received mostly negative reviews for his steakhouse franchise despite his internet fame. Experts slammed his New York City restaurant in 2018 for being boring, overseasoned, and expensive. Reviewers say the restaurants’ entertainment makes up for their culinary deficiencies. Salt Bae’s personality seems to turn dining into dinner theater, gaining higher ratings. This shows that, while Salt Bae’s food may disappoint, its atmosphere and personality make for a unique and relatively enjoyable dining experience.

Salt Bae Achievements Awards

Salt Bae Achievements Awards

According to our latest research, Salt Bae is a successful chef and restaurateur. Beyond opening several successful restaurants globally, he has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring many with his passion for cooking and theatrical manner. He appears in several periodicals, newspapers, and TV shows.

Even though Salt Bae hasn’t won any big culinary honors, our research shows that his eateries have received rave ratings from critics and customers. He is now a sought-after culinary lecturer and influencer. Salt Bae’s industry impact and global popularity prove his talent and accomplishment, even though he didn’t win any prizes.


Food Grilled meat and sea foods
Color Red
Actor Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.
Travel Place Japan
Car Ferrari
Interest Butchery and cooking
Hobbies Workout and horse riding

Social Media Links

Salt Bae actively promotes his visual stuff on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On October 14, 2016, he launched “Salt Bae,” a YouTube channel. With 9.45K followers and over 1 million views, the channel showcases his cooking skills and charisma. Salt Bae uses these social media networks to engage fans with daily updates.

Salt Bae has built a big and devoted Instagram following with 53.6 million followers. His online influence goes beyond cooking and reflects culture. Salt Bae’s net worth was $80 million in 2023, demonstrating his culinary brilliance and internet savvy, making him a global celebrity.

FAQs about Salt Bae

What is Salt Bae’s real name?

Salt Bae is Nusret Gökçe.

How old is Salt Bae?

Salt Bae, born August 9, 1983, is 40 in 2023.

Where was Salt Bae born?

Salt Bae was born in Turkey’s Erzurum.

Salt Bae owns how many restaurants?

Salt Bae has 19 restaurants in the Middle East, Greece, the US, and the UK.

How much is Salt Bae worth?

In 2023, Celebrity Net Worth estimated Salt Bae’s net worth at $60 million.

What makes Salt Bae famous?

Salt Bae’s viral steak-sprinkling technique became famous. He is a famous chef, butcher, and entertainment at Nusr-Et Steakhouse.

Who is Salt Bae’s family?

Salt Bae’s parents are mineworker Faik Gökçe and Fatma Gökçe. He has three brothers, Özgür, Erman, and Ugur Gökçe, who are Turkish chefs and restaurateurs. He also has sister.

What’s Salt Bae’s education?

Little is known about Salt Bae’s culinary training. From a young age, he loved cooking and worked in local restaurants.

Where did Salt Bae work before launching his restaurant?

Salt Bae was an Istanbul butcher before launching Nusr-Et Steakhouse. His culinary career took him to the UAE in 2010.

Salt Bae’s favorite food?

Salt Bae loves grilled meat and shellfish.


Salt Bae, born Nusret Gökçe, is a world-renowned chef and restaurant known for his salt-sprinkling method. Hailing from Turkey, he has developed his culinary empire with Nusr-Et Steakhouse in numerous nations. Salt Bae’s unique flair and fascinating entertainment element have pushed him to global fame despite mixed reviews of his food prices. His vast wealth is a testament to the success of his restaurant company, making him a culinary icon. Fans can follow Salt Bae’s active social media pages for updates and a look inside his life.


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