What is Timber Construction & What Are Its Benefits?

The construction industry is using wood to increase the beauty of buildings. Timber construction mostly referred to as timber frame construction, is a technique in which pre-made building structures are assembled together to form a complete building. Many wood types are utilized for timber framings, Eastern white pine is the best wood for framing. Handling wood for framing the whole building project is a big task and unmanageable. For the successful completion of the timber frame construction project, construction estimating servicesare necessary.

What is Timber Construction?

Timber construction is a very famous technique for making beautiful and attractive houses. The second name for timber construction is skeleton construction. This is a method in which wooden structures (columns for vertical and beams for horizontal) are fitted independently together to make a strong flexible structure. These columns and beams which are prepared in an offsite factory are often made of hardwood. In the timber frame construction technique, long columns pose vertically supporting horizontal beams. They together make a cross-section called bents and multiple bents together called bays. Different members for a timber frame construction are:

  • Posts
  • Beam
  • Girt
  • Hybrid
  • SIPs
  • Timbers
  • Truss
  • Joints
  • Mortise
  • Ten

There are many benefits of using timber in the construction industry. Timber frames give an esthetic and attractive look to the house. Timber frames increase the strength and durability of the structure. Timbers are more fire resistant in case of fire as compared to traditional lumber pieces. If the building is properly constructed with accurate construction takeoff services, then there are more chances of the best timber quality works. However, timber construction has many benefits:

Quickly Construction Process

Timber construction is most useful in cases where the construction is immediately required in areas where land conditions are poor. The TImber construction can be done speedily in low-temperature areas where rick and block construction may pause.

The main benefit of using timber frames in construction is the speedy process of construction. This is because these are prefabricated pieces of wood that are just supplied to the construction site and erected at their palace. As compared to traditional masonry construction, timber construction is the fastest way for construction. Moreover, other traders such as plumbers, electricians, and interior designers can start their work earlier.

Sound insulation

Some people think that timber homes do not provide good acoustic effects. But the thing is timber can provide better sound absorption as compared to concrete structures. Better sound insulation can be achieved by creating space between timber structures. This space can be filled with some sound-absorbent material such as melamine foam, mineral wool, glass wool, etc.


Most of the modern timber constructions use products like glulam and CLT that are strong and durable which provide extra strength and robustness to the whole building structure.


Timber construction is a prefabricated construction method. In these methods, the structures are made in an offsite factory. Before buying timber, the builders and contractors can visit the factory and check timber quality. Therefore well-qualified material comes to the site for construction.


Timber construction can help save construction costs and operational costs, and thus builders can save money in the long run.  In some cases, the builders do not get the exact idea about how much cost will be best for completing the whole timber project along with their profit margins. So, construction cost estimating servicescan help them estimate the best bid price with maximum profit margins.

Burning Risk

Timber homes are more fire-resistant than concrete homes. In case of fire, the concrete homes will be subject to fire completely. But, when timber catches fire, the outer surface of the timber burns and converts to charcoal, the charcoal then acts as an insulator and prevents the fire from coming into the interior.


Timber construction is the right building style for your new home construction or commercial building. We have discussed the unique set of benefits of timber construction above in the article. Timber construction is reliable in all ways, from flexible design to the strength of the building. Moreover, they are even more cost-saving as compared to the masonry mode of construction.

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