Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner: Early Life, Career, Personal Life & Many

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner gained prominence due to his father, Chris Gardner, a renowned American businessman and motivational speaker, known for his inspirational journey depicted in the book “Pursuit of Happiness.” Christopher, the son of Chris Gardner and Jackie Medina, was raised in San Francisco, California, United States. He has a younger sister named Jachintha Medina. Let’s delve into fascinating details and insights about Christopher Jarrett Gardner, providing a comprehensive overview of his life and accomplishments. Stay tuned for more intriguing information about him.

Who Is Christopher Jarrett Gardner?

Christopher Jarrett Gardner serves as the CEO of a fitness company and is the offspring of a renowned businessman, author, and motivational speaker. His father’s remarkable success story exemplifies the power of a positive mindset and determination, showcasing that one can achieve anything with the right attitude.

Christopher Jarrett Gardner Biography

Christopher Jarrett Gardner holds the position of CEO at a fitness company, and he is primarily recognized as the son of Chris Gardner. Born to Chris Gardner and Jackie Medina, he maintains a strong affection for his parents and values their unwavering support, which motivates him to pursue his ambitions relentlessly.

Quick Information About Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner:

Real NameChristopher Jarrett Gardner
Nick NameChristopher
Date of Birth28 January 1981
Age43 years (as of 2022)
Christopher Jarrett Gardner FatherChris Gardner
Christopher Jarrett Gardner MotherJackie Medina
Home TownSan Francisco, California
Christopher Jarrett Gardner religionN/A
FamilyFather, mother, and sister

Christopher Jarrett Gardner Early Life

Christopher Jarrett Gardner, Jr. was born on January 28, 1981, and he is the son of Chris’s girlfriend, Jackie Medina. Christopher is known for his intelligence and good-natured personality, traits evident since his childhood. Born in San Francisco, he pursued his education at Johnson C. Smith University.

Christopher Jarrett Gardner Physical Appearance

Christopher Jarrett Gardner possesses a tall stature with a round-shaped face and brown eyes. He boasts a strong jawline and black hair, complemented by an attractive tattoo on his right hand. Christopher maintains a muscular physique, indicative of his dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Christopher Jarrett Gardner Height6 feet 2 inches / 188 cm / 1.88 m.
Christopher Jarrett Gardner WeighKilograms: 85 Kg. / Pounds: 187 lbs. 
Body Measurement41-34-38
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack


After completing high school, Christopher pursued higher education at Johnson C. Smith University. He displayed a keen interest in understanding human behavior and psychology, dedicating himself to his studies in the field. Alongside his academic pursuits, Christopher actively participated in extracurricular activities, showcasing his leadership skills and commitment to personal growth. His academic endeavors provided him with valuable insights into human cognition and interaction, equipping him with a unique understanding that influences both his personal and professional life.

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner Family

Chris Gardner’s marriage faced significant challenges and struggles. In 1977, he married Sherry Dyson, with whom he had a son named Christopher. However, Sherry’s substance misuse issues and financial stress posed obstacles in their relationship. Despite Gardner’s dedication to his family and his efforts to provide support, the marriage ultimately succumbed to the severity of these issues, leading to their divorce in the early 1980s. Following the divorce, Gardner encountered further hardships, including homelessness and the responsibilities of being a single parent. Despite these adversities, Gardner remained steadfast in his determination to improve his life and that of his son. Through persistence and resilience, he overcame these challenges and achieved success both personally and professionally. Despite the difficulties, Gardner’s unwavering commitment to his family and his unwavering drive for success defined his journey.

The Career of Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner

Following his father’s example, Christopher embarked on a successful career path of his own, displaying a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a profound interest in business endeavors. Although specific details regarding his professional journey remain scarce, it is evident that Christopher holds the position of CEO within a fitness company. Through sheer determination and hard work, he has established and expanded his own enterprise, leaving a significant impact on the industry. Christopher’s dedication to fitness mirrors his belief in the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As the head of a fitness company, he likely assumes a crucial role in shaping the company’s vision, strategy, and overall functioning. While the precise name of his fitness venture may not be widely recognized, Christopher’s unwavering commitment to promoting physical well-being and aiding others’ in achieving their fitness objectives remains evident.

Personal Life

Christopher Jarrett Gardner draws inspiration from his father, Chris Gardner, whose resilience in overcoming homelessness through hard work and dedication serves as a guiding light in his own life. While details about his marital status remain private, Christopher appears to prioritize his career, particularly his fitness company, which continues to flourish over time. Whether he has children or not is also not widely disclosed, reflecting his preference for keeping his personal life low-key. Christopher’s unwavering focus on his business endeavors underscores his commitment to success and achievement in the realm of fitness.

Chris Gardner’s son is Christopher Jarret

Chris Gardner was previously married to Sherry Dyson, but their relationship ended after a few years. Following their separation, Chris began a relationship with Jackie Medina, who was studying dentistry at the time. After four months of dating, Jackie became pregnant, prompting her to move in with Chris. During this period, Chris worked as a lab assistant at a hospital for veterans, earning a monthly income of $600. However, financial struggles persisted, leading Chris to occasionally place his son in care while he worked. Recognizing the need for a better income to support his family, Chris eventually left his job as a lab assistant and pursued a career as a medical salesman, where he could earn a higher salary and adequately provide for his family.

Public Speaking and Inspirational Influence

Following the path laid by his father, Christopher has embraced public speaking as a means to inspire and uplift others. With a mission to offer meaningful insights on resilience, personal growth, and overcoming challenges, Christopher draws from his own life experiences to connect with his audience. His powerful speaking style captivates listeners, leaving a lasting impression and resonating deeply with those fortunate enough to hear him speak. Christopher’s ability to share impactful stories and convey important messages makes him a compelling and influential speaker in his own right.

Favorite Things

Favorite SportsBasketball & Football.
Favorite City/CountrySan Francisco, United States.

Interesting Facts About Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner

  • Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner holds American nationality and identifies with African American ethnicity.
  • His zodiac sign remains undisclosed.
  • He has attained an education in business studies.
  • Currently, he thrives as a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur.
  • San Francisco ranks as his preferred city.
  • He possesses a fondness for both cats and dogs.

Net Worth of Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner

While specific details regarding Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner’s net worth may not be readily accessible online, his father, Chris Gardner, is reported to have an estimated net worth of $60 million. It is projected that Chris Gardner’s net worth will increase by $10 million in 2023, reaching a total of $70 million.

Social Media

Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner exhibits a genuine dedication to improving society, leveraging his work and philanthropy to enact positive change. Inspired by his father’s story, he advocates for equality and strives to make a difference in people’s lives. Christopher’s commitment to education is evident through his involvement in projects aimed at providing opportunities to underprivileged children. He actively collaborates with schools to offer scholarships, mentorship programs, and financial assistance, intending to empower youth to pursue their aspirations. By championing equal access to education and opportunities, Christopher endeavors to create a more equitable world where everyone has the chance to succeed.

FAQs about Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner:

Who is Christopher Jarrett Gardner?

Christopher Jarrett Gardner is the son of the renowned businessman, author, and motivational speaker, Chris Gardner. He has also established himself as the CEO of a fitness company and follows his father’s path as a public speaker.

What is Christopher Jarrett Gardner’s profession?

Christopher Jarrett Gardner is primarily engaged in the business sector as the CEO of a fitness company. Additionally, he is recognized for his public speaking endeavors, where he imparts meaningful insights derived from his life experiences.

Where was Christopher Jarrett Gardner born and raised?

Christopher Jarrett Gardner was born and raised in San Francisco, California, United States.

What is Christopher Jarrett Gardner’s educational background?

Christopher pursued his education at Johnson C. Smith University, focusing on psychology. During his college years, he exhibited leadership qualities by actively participating in various extracurricular activities alongside his academic pursuits.

Who are Christopher Jarrett Gardner’s parents?

Christopher Jarrett Gardner is the son of Chris Gardner and Jackie Medina. His father, Chris Gardner, gained widespread recognition for his extraordinary journey from homelessness to success, famously depicted in the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness.”


Christopher Jarrett Medina Gardner, son of Chris Gardner, has forged his own path in the business realm as the CEO of a fitness company and a public speaker. Raised in San Francisco, he pursued higher education at Johnson C. Smith University, fostering a keen interest in psychology. Christopher’s commitment to promoting physical well-being resonates with his advocacy for a healthy lifestyle. Emulating his father’s inspirational journey, he shares profound insights through his public speaking endeavors, aiming to inspire and uplift others. Through his efforts, Christopher continues to positively impact society, embodying the resilience and determination synonymous with his father’s enduring legacy.

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