David Goggins Wife: Story Of Aleeza Goggins & More

Aleeza Goggins captured the public’s attention when she tied the knot with David Goggins, a celebrated figure known for his extraordinary feats as a retired United States Navy SEAL, triathlete, ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, author, and motivational speaker. Renowned for his resilience and determination, David’s personal life has become a subject of fascination for many. Consequently, fans and supporters have expressed a keen interest in getting to know Aleeza Goggins better, leading to inquiries about her background and identity.

Who Is David Goggins? 

David Goggins, hailing from the United States, was born into the family of Trunnis and Jackie Goggins. He moved with his mother and older brother, eventually settling in Brazil, Indiana, USA. David’s father, Trunnis, was a businessman who owned a roller disco rink. Renowned for his incredible physical prowess, David holds a former Guinness World Record for completing 4030 pull-ups in 17 hours and has participated in over 60 ultramarathons and ultra-triathlons. Serving in the military for 21 years, he retired as a Chief Petty Officer (CPO) in 2015 and also completed training at the US Army Ranger School.

David Goggins Wives

Aleeza Goggins (2005–2007)

David Goggins Wife, Aleeza and David’s marriage began in 2005 while David was serving in the Navy, stationed in Japan. Unfortunately, their union faced challenges, leading to a divorce in 2007 amid speculation about underlying issues, including rumors of dissatisfaction. Despite efforts to reconcile through couples therapy, they ultimately parted ways. Aleeza, a licensed nurse, provided unwavering support to David during his health struggles, although they did not have children together. Following their divorce, Aleeza returned to Japan in 2012.

Kate Goggins (2010–2012)

Following his first marriage’s dissolution, David purportedly entered into a relationship with Kate, although details about their union remained largely private. Kate, a licensed professional nurse from Melbourne, California, brought her own professional background to their partnership.

Jennifer Kish (2020–Present)

David and Jennifer’s romantic relationship began in early 2020, marking the start of their journey together. Their bond strengthened over the course of the year, leading to an engagement that solidified their commitment to one another. Jennifer shared glimpses of their life on Instagram, providing insights into their shared experiences and growth as a couple. Professionally, Jennifer serves as the executive director at Goggins LLC, leveraging her expertise and leadership skills for the organization’s success. She holds a degree from Franklin Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, highlighting her academic accomplishments. With extensive financial experience, Jennifer has held vice president positions at both Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, showcasing her proficiency in the financial industry.

Profile Summary 

Full NameAleeza Goggins
Year of Birth1961
Age63 years (as of 2024)
Place of BirthJapan
Current ResidenceJapan
EthnicityAsian (Japanese)
Height5 ft 4 in (164 cm)
Weight128 lb (58 kg)
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourDark brown
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-SpouseDavid Goggins

David Goggins Wife Early Life

Details regarding Aleeza’s early years are scant, but it is known that she is of Japanese-American heritage, born in 1961, making her 63 years old in 2023. Though her childhood and family background are not widely documented, it’s clear that Aleeza nurtured dreams of pursuing a nursing career from a young age. She devoted herself to her education, culminating in her licensure as a registered nurse.

David Goggins Wife Education

Aleeza Goggins has chosen to keep her educational background private, aligning with her preference for a low-profile lifestyle.

How Old Is David Goggins Wife? 

Aleeza Goggins, aged 63 as of 2024, was born in 1961. While her birth year is public knowledge, specific information regarding her birth month and day is not available to the public.

Where Is Aleeza Goggins From? 

Aleeza Goggins, originally from Japan, is a qualified nurse who holds Japanese citizenship. After her divorce from her previous spouse, she relocated back to Japan. Aleeza’s ethnicity is Asian, specifically Japanese.

Body Measurement

Height5 feet 4 inches
(approximately 164 cm)
Weight128 pounds
(approximately 58 kilograms)
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorDark brown

David Goggins’ ex-wife is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, equivalent to around 164 centimeters. She weighs roughly 128 pounds, which translates to approximately 58 kilograms. Moreover, she possesses dark brown hair and eyes.

Is David Goggins Still Married? 

David Goggins, presently not married, was formerly married to Aleeza. Prior to tying the knot in 2005 in a private ceremony, the couple dated while keeping the specifics of their relationship under wraps. However, their marriage concluded in divorce approximately two years later.

How Long Was Goggins Married? 

David Goggins, renowned for his diverse achievements as a triathlete, ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, author, public speaker, and former United States Navy SEAL, was previously married to Aleeza for approximately two years. However, their relationship encountered difficulties, resulting in their divorce in 2007. Aleeza cited concerns about sexual fulfillment as a factor, with reports suggesting they sought counseling to salvage their marriage. Rumors of infidelity, including with an Olympic gymnast, emerged during this tumultuous period, although David remained silent. Both Aleeza and David faced personal challenges, such as Aleeza’s surgery and David’s involvement in an accident, compounded by a burglary at their home, which strained their relationship. Despite the divorce, they chose to maintain a cordial relationship.

Did David & Aleeza Goggins Have Kids? 

David Goggins and Aleeza did not share any children during their marriage, and it remains unclear if Aleeza became a mother following their divorce. However, David has confirmed his fatherhood in his book “Can’t Hurt Me,” where he reveals having a daughter with his girlfriend, Pam. It’s worth noting that David and Pam were not married, dispelling any speculation suggesting that Pam was David Goggins’ wife.

Does David Goggins Have A Family Now? 

Since his divorce, David has chosen to keep a low profile concerning his romantic endeavors, steering clear of media attention. Nonetheless, recent disclosures indicate that he is presently engaged to Jennifer Kish. Their relationship commenced in early 2020, and they now share a residence. It’s important to clarify that despite any speculations, Jennifer Kish has not yet become David Goggins’ wife.

David Goggins Wife Career

Speculations suggest that Aleeza maintains her career as a nurse, although she has deliberately maintained a low profile following her split from David Goggins. Despite public curiosity, Aleeza does not possess a verified Instagram account, contributing to her elusive persona.

David Goggins Career

Goggins initially aspired to join the United States Air Force Pararescue but encountered a setback when diagnosed with sickle cell trait during training. Instead, he pursued training with the United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), serving from 1994 to 1999. Later, he shifted his focus to becoming a Navy SEAL. Despite facing initial challenges, such as an impressive weight loss of 106 pounds within three months, Goggins persevered and completed Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training with class 235 in 2001. Following further training and a probationary period, he achieved the designation of Combatant Swimmer (SEAL) and was assigned to SEAL Team 5. Throughout his twenty-year military career, Goggins completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2004, he graduated from Army Ranger School, earning the esteemed “Enlisted Honor Man” award based on a perfect peer evaluation.

David Goggins Cheating Allegations 

Before their separation, rumors circulated about David’s purported extramarital affair with a prominent Olympic gymnast, causing turmoil in his marriage to Aleeza. In an attempt to mend their relationship, both Aleeza and David pursued counseling, but regrettably, their efforts did not yield the desired results. Despite their divorce, Aleeza and David maintain a cordial relationship, with Aleeza remaining actively involved in supporting American ultramarathon runners as a member of their Support Team.

David Goggins Wife Personal Achievements & Impact

While Aleeza Goggins may not have authored bestselling books or broken world records, her impact remains profoundly significant. Her subtle influence is evident in David’s resolute demeanor and life trajectory. Aleeza serves as the quiet force guiding David’s purpose and accomplishments. It’s probable that her steadfast support bolstered David throughout his transformative journey from an overweight exterminator to a revered Navy SEAL and ultra-endurance athlete. Aleeza embodies resilience and victory in everyday life, providing inspiration to numerous unseen heroes who support public figures behind the scenes.

Challenges Faced Together

Marriage represents a partnership, and the connection between David and Aleeza Goggins has endured numerous challenges, emerging stronger with each trial. From battling obesity to navigating Navy SEAL training and enduring relentless running, the Goggins have faced adversity together. Their journey is characterized by shared struggles and triumphs. While David often takes the spotlight for his achievements, Aleeza’s role in his story underscores the essence of their enduring unity. In the solitude of his pursuits, she has been his unwavering support, even if her contributions are not always visible to the adoring audience that celebrates her husband.

Inspiration For Readers

The tale of Aleeza Goggins’ influence is a powerful source of inspiration, echoing the essence of David’s message—the resilient human spirit, finding strength not just in solitary perseverance but also in the empathetic support of loved ones. It’s a reminder to acknowledge the unseen champions in our own paths, those who uplift and sustain us. Aleeza’s story highlights the reality that behind every victory, there’s often a silent hero who chooses to remain in the shadows.

What Is Aleeza Goggins Net Worth? 

Reports suggest that the former spouse of the celebrity has an estimated net worth of $600,000, allegedly accumulated through her successful career as a licensed nurse.

Interesting Facts

  • Supportive Spouse: Despite divorcing David Goggins, Aleeza maintains a strong friendship with him, actively contributing to the Support Team for American ultramarathon runners.
  • Professional Background: Aleeza’s career as a licensed nurse showcases her dedication to healthcare and helping others in need.
  • Private Persona: Aleeza prefers to keep a low profile, shying away from public attention and having no verified social media presence.
  • Cultural Background: Born in Japan, Aleeza holds Japanese nationality and is of Japanese-American descent.
  • Adversity and Resilience: Aleeza’s life has been marked by resilience, gracefully facing challenges like divorce and personal hardships.
  • Age and Personal Details: As of 2024, Aleeza is 63 years old, with limited public information about her early life and education.
  • Steadfast Support: Aleeza’s unwavering support played a crucial role in David Goggins’ transformation from an overweight exterminator to a respected Navy SEAL and ultra-endurance athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Aleeza Goggins

Q: Who is Aleeza Goggins?

A: Aleeza Goggins gained public attention as the former wife of David Goggins, a renowned retired United States Navy SEAL, triathlete, ultramarathon runner, author, and motivational speaker.

Q: What is Aleeza Goggins’ profession?

A: Aleeza worked as a licensed nurse, demonstrating her commitment to healthcare and aiding others in need.

Q: Where is Aleeza Goggins from?

A: Aleeza Goggins hails from Japan and holds Japanese nationality. Following her divorce from David Goggins, she returned to Japan.

Q: How old is Aleeza Goggins?

A: As of 2024, Aleeza Goggins is 63 years old, born in 1961.

Q: Did Aleeza Goggins have children with David Goggins?

No, David Goggins and Aleeza did not have any children together during their marriage.

Q: What is Aleeza Goggins’ net worth?

A: Aleeza Goggins is rumored to have a net worth estimated at $600,000, amassed through her career as a licensed nurse.


Aleeza Goggins, often overshadowed by her former husband David Goggins’ extraordinary accomplishments, played a significant role in his life. Despite their divorce, Aleeza remained a steadfast presence in David’s journey, actively contributing to his pursuits, particularly in ultramarathon running. Her resilience and unwavering support serve as a reminder of the silent heroes who often remain unnoticed but are instrumental in the success of public figures. Aleeza’s narrative highlights the importance of acknowledging and valuing the unseen champions in our lives, who provide encouragement and sustenance through both triumphs and trials.

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