G Flip Net Worth: Age, Height, Career, Personal Life & More

G Flip Net Worth

$5 Million

Australian musician G Flip, renowned for her dynamic presence as a singer, drummer, and all-around musician, has garnered significant acclaim and financial success in her career. With a reported net worth of $5 million, she burst onto the scene with her debut track “About You,” which premiered on Triple J Unearthed in 2018 and quickly gained traction, earning a spot on YouTube’s New Music Playlist. Following this initial success, G Flip was invited to showcase her talents at SXSW in Austin, Texas, marking a pivotal moment in her burgeoning career. Since then, she has consistently sold out tours across Australia, solidifying her reputation as a musical powerhouse in her home country.

G Flip Net Worth

Net Worth in 2024$5 Million
Net Worth in 2023$4 Million
Net Worth in 2022$3.2 Million
Net Worth in 2021$2.3 Million
Net Worth in 2019$2 Million

In 2024, G Flip net worth is estimated at approximately $5 million, a testament to his success in the music industry and beyond. Alongside his musical endeavors, he has ventured into various other pursuits, contributing to his wealth accumulation. Reports suggest that his annual income reaches $1 million, positioning him among the most affluent Australian singers globally.

Who Is G Flip?

G Flip is an emerging Australian singer known for her upbeat and infectious pop tunes. Her music blends indie and electronic elements, resonating strongly with listeners. The breakout success of her song “About You” catapulted her onto big festival stages, showcasing her talent to larger audiences. With the release of her debut album “About Us,” G Flip received widespread acclaim, solidifying her presence in the music industry. As her fanbase continues to expand rapidly, G Flip’s promising career promises an exciting journey ahead, making her a standout artist to watch in the music scene.

G Flip Biography

Georgia Claire Flipo, professionally known as G Flip, is a multifaceted Australian artist born on September 22, 1993. Renowned for her versatility, she excels in singing, songwriting, producing, drumming, and overall musicianship. G Flip’s signature indie-pop style captivates audiences with its unique blend of drums, guitar, and electronic elements, resulting in captivating music. Not only celebrated for her musical talents, but G Flip also stands out for her bold and outspoken personality, evident both in her music and dynamic stage presence, further solidifying her position as a standout figure in the music industry.

Quick Information About G Flip

Real NameGeorgia Claire Flipo
Nick NameG Flip
Date of Birth22 September 1994
Age27 years old
Birth PlaceSt. Kilda, Victoria, Australia
EthnicityNot specified
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boyfriend NameChrishell Stause

G Flip Early Life

G Flip, born Georgia Claire Flipo in Melbourne, Australia, is a talented singer, songwriter, and producer. Her musical journey began at the age of nine when she picked up the drums, later expanding her skills to include piano and guitar. Growing up, she honed her craft by playing in bands and crafting her own compositions. After completing her education at Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School and Star of the Sea College, she embarked on her music career. In February 2018, G Flip made waves with her debut single “About You,” earning praise from critics and audiences alike. Her track “Drink Too Much” garnered international acclaim, propelling her to further success with subsequent releases.

G Flip Age

At 28 years old, G Flip, born Georgia Claire Flipo on September 22, 1994, in Melbourne, Victoria, is a versatile Australian musician, songwriter, producer, and skilled drummer. Her journey into music began early, with a passion for songwriting emerging at just 14 years old. Since diving into the music scene in 2018, she has made a significant impact with a string of hit singles, including “About You,” “Killing My Time,” and “Hyperfine.” Notably, her debut album “About Us” soared to number 4 on the ARIA Albums Chart in 2019, cementing her status as a rising star in the industry.

G Flip Education

G Flip embarked on her educational journey at Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School in Cheltenham, Victoria, before moving on to Star of the Sea College in Brighton, Victoria, where she graduated in 2011. These formative years laid the groundwork for her remarkable musical career, providing a solid foundation for the creative ingenuity that would define her future endeavors.

Physical Appearance

Weight56 kgs
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourBlonde

Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 56 kilograms, G Flip possesses a captivating appearance characterized by striking green eyes and blonde hair. Her charismatic presence adds to her allure, complementing her undeniable talent in the music industry.

G Flip Parents & Siblings

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, G Flip was raised in a religious household alongside four siblings. Both her parents served as pastors, fostering an environment where singing in church choirs was a cherished part of her upbringing. Despite this deeply ingrained religious background, G Flip grappled with her own feelings regarding her sexuality. Eventually, she bravely came out as gay, embarking on a journey of self-acceptance and advocacy. Leveraging her platform and fame, G Flip actively champions LGBTQ+ rights, utilizing her voice to promote awareness and foster greater acceptance within society.

How Did G Flip Get Famous?

The debut of “About You” in 2018 heralded the start of G Flip’s meteoric rise in the music industry. The track not only received widespread acclaim but also caught the attention of industry insiders, swiftly paving the way for a lucrative record deal. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of G Flip’s journey toward musical stardom, setting the stage for a series of successes to follow.

G Flip Career

Beginning her journey as a vocalist, G Flip has swiftly made her mark in the music scene, earning widespread recognition in just a short span of time. Today, she stands as one of Australia’s foremost singing talents, celebrated for her powerful voice and captivating performances. Recently, she enthralled audiences with a sold-out show in Australia, adding to her string of successful tours. Beyond her musical prowess, G Flip proudly embraces her identity as an openly gay artist, serving as a beacon of visibility and empowerment within the LGBTQ+ community.

G-Flip Songs

Song Title
I Am Not Afraid
Drink Too Much
Waking Up Tomorrow
Killing My Time
Bring Me Home
About You

G-Flip Album

G Flip has only released one album, About Us, his first studio effort. G Flip is an Australian singer who specialises in indie pop music. The release day for the album was August 30, 2019. An Australian tour in support of the album kicked up in Adelaide on November 8, 2019. A few months later, Flipo made its live premiere at SXSW, garnering much praise and chart and streaming success. For their debut album, they collaborated with Scissor Sisters member Scott “Babydaddy” Hoffman, Melbourne producer/songwriter Joel Quartermain, and producer Ariel Rechtshaid.

Flipo played “Proud Mary” and “Blame It on the Boogie” during ABC’s “The Night is Yours” New Year’s Eve Celebration 2018 at the Sydney Opera House. “About You” was featured in Season 2, Episode 10 of The Bold Type. On the 2018 Triple JHottest 100, “About You” was at number 38 and “Killing My Time” was at number 62.

Non-bBinary Artist

G Flip, as indicated in their Instagram bio, prefers the pronouns “they/them” and identifies as non-binary. Following inquiries about their gender identity on a children’s television program, G Flip took to social media in April 2022 to share insights into their non-binary identity. This transparent gesture not only affirmed their own identity but also contributed to greater visibility and understanding of non-binary experiences within mainstream media.

G Flip Concerts & Tours

Renowned for their electrifying stage presence, G Flip has garnered a loyal fan base through their dynamic live performances. From concerts to tours, they consistently deliver an unforgettable experience, showcasing their distinctive style and boundless energy. These live shows serve as a platform for G Flip to forge personal connections with their fans, fostering a sense of intimacy and community. Moreover, these performances play a pivotal role in their financial success, with each show contributing substantially to their income. With every appearance, G Flip continues to enthrall audiences globally, leaving a lasting impression with their music and unwavering passion.

G Flip Relationship

G Flip, the acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter, and Chrishell Stause, known for her role in “Selling Sunset,” exchanged vows after a year of courtship. Confirmation of their union came from Stause’s spokesperson to Entertainment Tonight, with the couple sharing their joyous announcement on Instagram on May 10, 2023, alongside a snapshot from their wedding, captioned “We did it!” Born Georgia Flipo, G Flip soared to fame in 2018 with the breakout hit “About You.” Stause, recognized as both a realtor and actress, rose to prominence through her appearances on the reality series “Selling Sunset.” While reports suggest an intimate ceremony in Australia, the couple has maintained a private stance regarding their relationship since the nuptials.

Brand Endorsements & Sponsorships

G Flip’s financial portfolio extends beyond music sales and live performances, encompassing lucrative brand endorsements and sponsorships. These collaborations serve as key revenue streams, bolstering G Flip net worth and amplifying their visibility. While specific details of these partnerships remain undisclosed, their impact on G Flip’s financial success is undeniable, offering ample opportunities for expansion and increased exposure across various platforms.

G Flip Endorsements

Limited information regarding G Flip’s current brand affiliations or sponsorships is available. However, her rising prominence and influence within the music industry hint at potential endorsement deals on the horizon. G Flip’s extensive presence at music festivals and events both domestically and internationally serves as a platform to enhance her visibility and appeal to prospective brand collaborators. As her career continues to ascend, it’s plausible that G Flip will forge strategic partnerships to further augment her reach and impact within the industry.

G Flip Awards & Nominations


AIR Awards for Breakthrough Independent Artist of the Year2019
MTV Europe Music Award for Best Australian Act2020
Music Victoria Awards for Breakthrough Act2019
National Live Music Awards for Live Pop Act of the Year2019
National Live Music Awards for Live Drummer of the Year2020


AIR Award nominations for About Us for Best Independent Pop Album or EP2020
ARIA Music Award nominations for About Us for Breakthrough Artist2019
ARIA Music Award nominations for About Us for Best Independent Release2019
ARIA Music Award nominations for “Drink Too Much” for Best VideoN/A
Unearthed Artist of the Year, J Award nominations2018
Music Victoria Awards nominations for Best Musician2021
Music Victoria Awards nominations for Best Solo Act2021
National Live Music Awards nominations for Best New Act2019

G Flip Collaborations

During 2020 and 2021, Flipo embarked on two successful collaborations with Crocs, resulting in sold-out collections. These unique shoe lines featured custom-designed Jibbitz™ charms, meticulously crafted to reflect various elements of G Flip’s personal life. The incorporation of these bespoke charms added a distinctive touch to each pair, captivating fans and enthusiasts alike.

G Flip House

In May 2022, Chrishell Stause, well-known for her role on Netflix’s “Selling Sunset,” made headlines when she acquired G Flip’s Los Angeles residence. Reports suggested that Stause funded the purchase through the proceeds from selling her wedding ring.

G Flip Cars

G Flip, the versatile Australian artist known for her talents in singing, songwriting, percussion, and musicianship, currently holds the role of ambassador for Subaru. She has prominently featured in advertising campaigns for Subaru’s XV model, showcasing its renowned all-wheel drive capability and exceptional handling. In one such campaign, she was depicted behind the wheel, embodying the vehicle’s dynamic performance. Recognized as a fervent car enthusiast, G Flip expressed her passion for automobiles through her song “Cars,” a track that has gained popularity on TikTok, with over 12,000 videos incorporating its catchy melody.

G Flip Controversy

Australian artist G Flip, born Georgia Claire Flipo, has made waves in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and drummer. Rising to prominence in 2018 with the release of her debut single “About You,” she has since captivated audiences with her heartfelt music. In June 2021, G Flip bravely came out as non-binary, embracing her true identity. Married to Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause since 2023, G Flip continues to garner acclaim for her music, celebrated for its nuanced messages. Notably, her performance at the AFL Grand Final halftime show in 2022 was met with praise. Despite facing challenges related to her gender identity, G Flip remains resilient, using her platform to advocate for understanding and acceptance. Throughout her journey, she has stayed clear of major controversies, focusing instead on her passion for music and self-expression.

G Flip Real Estate

As of 2023, there have been no reports indicating that G Flip has bought or sold any real estate properties. Known for their discreet and private nature regarding personal matters, there is limited information available about their current whereabouts or residential arrangements.

G Flip Social Media Accounts

InstagramAlmost 336KfollowersCheck Out
FacebookAlmost 70K FollowersCheck Out
TwitterAlmost 10K FollowersCheck Out
You tubeAlmost31.9K SubscribersCheck Out

Interesting Facts 

  1. Versatile Talent: G Flip is a multifaceted musician, excelling as a singer, drummer, songwriter, and producer, showcasing remarkable versatility in the music industry.
  2. Meteoric Rise: Their debut single “About You” launched G Flip into stardom in 2018, swiftly garnering recognition and securing a record deal, marking the beginning of a promising career trajectory.
  3. Genre Fusion: G Flip’s music blends catchy pop melodies with indie and electronic influences, establishing them as a distinctive presence in the indie pop scene.
  4. LGBTQ+ Advocacy: Openly gay and non-binary, G Flip champions LGBTQ+ rights, leveraging their platform to advocate for awareness, acceptance, and representation within the music industry and beyond.
  5. Award-Winning Achievements: G Flip’s talent has been recognized with accolades such as Breakthrough Artist and Best Independent Release, underscoring their significant contributions to the music landscape.
  6. Dynamic Performances: Renowned for their energetic and captivating live shows, G Flip mesmerizes audiences with their electrifying stage presence and exceptional musical abilities.
  7. Fashion Collaboration: Collaborating with Crocs, G Flip introduced two highly successful shoe collections featuring custom-designed Jibbitz™ charms inspired by their life, showcasing their influence beyond music.

FAQs About G Flip

Q: What is G Flip’s real name?

A: G Flip’s real name is Georgia Claire Flipo.

Q: How old is G Flip?

A: Born on September 22, 1994, G Flip is currently 28 years old as of 2024.

Q: Where is G Flip from?

A: G Flip hails from St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

Q: Is G Flip married?

A: Yes, G Flip is married to Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause.

Q: What are G Flip’s pronouns?

A: G Flip uses the pronouns “they/them” and identifies as non-binary.

Q: What is G Flip net worth?

A: As of 2024, G Flip net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Q: What instruments does G Flip play?

A: G Flip is proficient in drums, piano, and guitar.

Q: Has G Flip won any awards?

A: Yes, G Flip has won several awards, including Breakthrough Artist and Best Independent Release.

Q: What is G Flip’s height and weight?

A: G Flip stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 56 kilograms.

Q: Does G Flip have any brand endorsements?

A: While G Flip has secured brand endorsements and sponsorships, specific details are not provided.


G Flip, originally Georgia Claire Flipo, is a highly talented Australian musician renowned for their infectious indie-pop tracks and captivating stage charisma. Bursting onto the scene with the breakout hit “About You” in 2018, G Flip has solidified their position as a leading figure in the music realm, accumulating a notable net worth of $5 million by 2024. Notably, G Flip advocates fervently for LGBTQ+ rights, openly embracing a non-binary identity and utilizing their platform to foster awareness and inclusivity. With a multifaceted skill set spanning singing, songwriting, producing, and drumming, G Flip continues to enthrall global audiences through exhilarating live performances and a distinctive musical approach.

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