Gabriela Moura Age: Early Life, Career, Personal Life & Many

Gabriela Moura, the dynamic Brazilian sensation who has taken the social media realm by storm. At just 20 years old, Gabriela has amassed an impressive following on TikTok, boasting over 10 million devoted fans.
Her dynamic dance moves and entertaining lip-sync videos have garnered widespread acclaim in the entertainment sphere.

Gabriela cherishes her family and finds strength in her relationship with TikTok star boyfriend, Josh Richards. Fans are often intrigued by her personal life, leading to frequent searches for her Wiki and Biography online. In this article, we’ll explore Gabriela’s age, career trajectory, familial relationships, net worth, stature, and aspirations for the future.

Join our exploration of this rising star’s life, revealing the secrets to her social media success along the way.

How old is Gabriela Moura?

Meet Gabriela Moura, a rising star on TikTok, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and engaging content.
Gabriela, born June 18, 2004, celebrates her 18th birthday as a Gemini, renowned for curiosity, adaptability, and communication prowess. These traits likely contribute to her success on the platform, where she has garnered a substantial following.
Now an adult, Gabriela can independently chart her course, deciding on education completion or career exploration. With her bright future ahead, Gabriela continues to shine as a prominent figure in the world of social media.

Who is Gabriela Moura?

Brazilian dancer Gabriela Moura enchants global audiences with her infectious TikTok dance videos, winning hearts with her talent.

June-born Gemini, Gabriela, exudes sociable vibes, captivating online audiences with her infectious energy and vibrant personality.

With over 10 million followers, Gabriela’s joyful performances and infectious enthusiasm create a mini-celebration for her audience. Alongside her boyfriend, fellow TikTok star Josh, she forms a dynamic duo, spreading smiles and positivity with their synchronized moves.

United in joy and dance, they epitomize camaraderie, inspiring a global celebration and inviting others to join their vibrant journey.

Gabriela Moura Biography

Gabriela Moura, born on June 18, 2004, is an 18-year-old Brazilian native from Rio de Janeiro. While she spent her formative years in Brazil, she now resides in the United States. Holding Brazilian citizenship, Gabriela is believed to follow the Christian faith. Her educational path began at a local elementary school, providing her with the fundamental knowledge needed for her future endeavors. Transitioning to a nearby middle school, Gabriela continued to grow academically, honing her skills across various subjects. Currently, she is diligently working towards completing her high school education, demonstrating strong dedication and a solid academic foundation for her future pursuits.

Quick Information About Gabriela Moura:

Full nameGabriela Moura
Date of birth18 June 2004
Age18 years old (as of January 2023)
Zodiac signGemini
Place of birthRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Current residenceRio de Janeiro, Brazil
MotherLeticia Moura
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionTikTok star, social media influencer
Net worth$1 million

Gabriela Moura Early Life and Childhood

Gabriela Moura, born on June 18, 2004, hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is currently 19 years old. Known by her real name without any nicknames, Gabriela keeps her family life private, with no public information available about her parents, siblings, or their professions. While she cherishes spending quality time with her family, details about them remain undisclosed. Similarly, Gabriela’s childhood remains a mystery, including her friendships and behavior during those formative years. She holds Brazilian nationality, follows the Christian faith, and keeps her ethnicity undisclosed.

Gabriela Moura Education

While details regarding Gabriela Moura’s education are unavailable, considering her youth, it’s reasonable to infer that she is currently engaged in pursuing her academic endeavors.

Physical Apperience

True Height5’6″
Weight59 kilograms
Hair ColorLight
Hair TextureSmooth
Eye ColorBrown
Body measurements34-24-35 

Her true height is 5’6″ and she weighs 59 kilograms. According to her photographs, her hair is light and smooth, and his eyes are very appealing and brown.

Parents and Siblings

Gabriela Moura comes from a warm and supportive family environment, where joy, music, and dance are integral parts of everyday life. Raised amidst laughter and encouragement, her parents have been her strongest advocates, particularly in pursuing her passion for dance and video creation. With siblings by her side, their household is akin to a lively team, each member contributing their own brand of fun and mischief. Together, they embody a united front, akin to a squad of superheroes, always ready to bolster one another. Gabriela’s siblings aren’t just family; they’re her closest companions, often joining her in TikTok videos, spreading joy and laughter to viewers worldwide. From her family, Gabriela has imbibed valuable lessons on kindness, love, and staying true to oneself, shaping her into the radiant star admired by many on TikTok.

Gabriela Moura Career

Gabriela Moura is a versatile personality who has garnered recognition across various domains. She initially rose to prominence as a TikTok sensation, captivating audiences with her lip-sync performances, dance routines, and comedic sketches. Since debuting on TikTok in March 2020, her popularity has soared, amassing a staggering 9 million followers and garnering an impressive 249 million likes for her videos. Beyond TikTok, Gabriela’s influence extends to Instagram, where her fashion-forward modeling shots have garnered widespread acclaim, elevating her status as a social media luminary. Boasting a substantial following of 1 million on Instagram, she also maintains an active presence on Twitter, where she engages with over 14 thousand followers.

Gabriela Moura Personal Life

Gabriela Moura shares a special bond with Josh Richards, a fellow TikTok luminary who brings joy and laughter into her life. Together, they form a dynamic duo, using their creativity to craft entertaining videos that spread happiness across the platform. Their camaraderie shines through as they dance, goof around, and share anecdotes, captivating audiences with their infectious energy. With Josh by her side, Gabriela finds not just a friend, but a kindred spirit who shares her passions and supports her aspirations, making every moment filled with laughter and shared dreams.

Legacy and Impact

Gabriela Moura shines brightly in the world of dance and entertainment, spreading joy and positivity through her vibrant videos. From youngsters to adults, she encourages everyone to embrace their talents and share their happiness with the world. Picture starting a dance party that not only brings smiles to those around you but also inspires people worldwide to join in the fun. That’s the magic of Gabriela’s influence. Her infectious energy and lively performances create a ripple effect of happiness, connecting people across the globe and making the world a brighter, more joyful place.

Gabriela Moura Hobbies:


Gabriela finds pure delight in dancing to the rhythm of music, immersing herself in a world of captivating beats and mesmerizing rhythms.

Making Videos: 

She takes pleasure in crafting entertaining TikTok content, akin to orchestrating a captivating virtual spectacle for her online companions.

Spending time with friends and family: 

Similar to the joy of gathering with friends for playdates, Gabriela delights in spending quality time with her cherished ones, relishing each moment of togetherness.


Embarking on journeys to unfamiliar destinations is akin to embarking on thrilling escapades for Gabriela, as she uncovers intriguing locales and forges connections with newfound companions along the way.

Gabriela Moura Favorite Thing:

Ice cream: 

Indulging in ice cream, particularly on sweltering days, is a source of immense joy for Gabriela. She perceives it as savoring a slice of pure happiness amidst the heat.

Beach days: 

Given her Brazilian roots, Gabriela finds joy in visiting the beach and frolicking in the sand.


Gabriela finds great pleasure in listening to upbeat music and getting into the rhythm, much like her passion for dancing.


Gabriela has a deep affection for dogs, considering them to be the ultimate companions who are ever-ready for playtime and affectionate cuddles.

Net Worth and Achievement

Imagine a treasure chest where you stash away all the coins you earn or find. Now, envision Gabriela Moura’s treasure chest, but imagine it as enormous because she’s amassed a fortune by sharing her dance videos on TikTok. It’s said that she could have accumulated over a million coins in her vast treasure chest! Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

This concept is what adults refer to as “net worth.” It’s a measure of how much wealth she’s amassed by showcasing her talents to the world. Gabriela has also received prestigious accolades, akin to the gold stars you might receive from your teacher for exceptional performance. She’s been recognized for her dancing skills and for spreading joy with her videos.

Just as you feel happy and proud when you do something well, Gabriela experiences the same emotions when people appreciate her dances. Through her passion for dancing and creating videos, she has achieved remarkable success, continuing to gather more coins and stars with each passing day!

Social Media Presence

Gabriela Moura shines brightly in the realm of social media. With over 10 million followers on TikTok, she shares her infectious dances and smiles, creating a global community of friends. Through her Instagram posts, Gabriela invites everyone to be part of her journey, sharing snapshots of her adventures and fun moments. Like sharing a favorite toy with a friend, she spreads joy across the internet, ensuring that everyone who follows her feels a little happier.

Interesting Facts About Gabriela Moura:

  • Gabriela is proficient in both Portuguese, the native language of Brazil, and English, enabling her to communicate effectively across different linguistic environments.
  • Gabriela discovered her passion for dancing at a very young age, just like many children do.
  • Gabriela possesses a unique hidden talent: the ability to wiggle her ears without any physical contact.
  • Gabriela’s preferred color is vibrant yellow, reminiscent of sunshine and mirroring the cheerful vibe of her videos.
  • Gabriela devoted an entire day to dancing continuously for 24 hours, aiming to raise funds for a charitable cause.
  • Gabriela possesses a diverse assortment of hats, showcasing a unique one in numerous videos she shares on social media.
  • Despite her fame, Gabriela harbors a fear of darkness and opts to keep a night light in her room for comfort.

FAQs about Gabriela Moura:

How old is Gabriela Moura?

Gabriela Moura is presently 18 years old, born on June 18, 2004.

Where is Gabriela Moura from?

Gabriela Moura originates from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What is Gabriela Moura’s net worth?

Gabriela Moura’s current net worth is approximately $1 million.

Is Gabriela Moura in a relationship?

Yes, Gabriela Moura is romantically involved with fellow TikTok star Josh Richards.

What is Gabriela Moura’s ethnicity?

Gabriela Moura’s ethnicity is Caucasian.

What are Gabriela Moura’s favorite hobbies?

Gabriela Moura enjoys dancing, creating videos, spending quality time with loved ones, and exploring new places.

What languages does Gabriela Moura speak?

Gabriela Moura is fluent in both Portuguese and English.


Gabriela Moura, a burgeoning luminary within the realm of social media, has entranced millions with her boundless enthusiasm and entrancing dance performances.

Despite her tender age of 18, she has garnered an extensive following on TikTok, where her flair and originality captivate audiences worldwide. Supported by her nurturing family and flourishing romance with Josh Richards, Gabriela remains committed to spreading happiness through her digital creations. As she navigates her path toward greater achievements and personal development, admirers eagerly await the next chapter in the journey of this gifted TikTok luminary.

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